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Oticon Medical Softband - September 2022

The New Ponto Softband from Oticon Medical Supports Early Access to Sound


New soft, flexible and customizable design ensures all-day comfort and optimal hearing for more patients

March 24, 2017 - Somerset, NJ.  Oticon Medical, a global company focused on implantable hearing solutions, is excited to introduce the new Ponto Softband that enables access to the renowned sound quality offered by Ponto sound processors.  The Ponto Softband is ideal for children who are either too young to have a bone anchored hearing implant, or those whose hearing problems are temporary. Wearing the sound processor on a Softband is also a good way to evaluate patient benefit from a bone anchored hearing system prior to implant surgery.  All Ponto sound processors can be used with the Ponto Softband; for best results, a power sound processor is recommended for Softband fittings.

The new Ponto Softband is available in 14 colors from neutral to bright green, and has a new wearing option for caps or headwear.  It is flexible to fit one or two processors and easily adjusts in length to fit different head sizes, ensuring optimal hearing and comfort.  Its smooth back was designed for all-day use, with a safety release to open if it becomes caught.  In addition to being soft, skin friendly, tamperproof and non-allergenic, the Ponto Softband has been extensively tested to ensure premium sound quality and reliability.

Ponto Softband

The new Ponto Softband is available in 14 colors, from neutral to bright green.

“With the Ponto Softband, more people can benefit from Ponto technology”, stated Alan Raffauf, Oticon Medical’s Vice President of Marketing.  “This includes infants who need early access to sound for speech and language development, to adults who want to experience the benefits of Ponto before having an implant placed. The new Ponto Softband is flexible, comfortable, customizable, and supports optimal hearing with one or two Ponto sound processors.  We’re excited to launch this latest innovation that underscores our philosophy, Because Sound Matters.”

For more information on the new Ponto Softband, contact your Oticon Medical account representative or visit or the Oticon Medical Expo Page on AudiologyOnline.

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