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HiP Publishing Group Receives Grant to Teach Health/Safety Skills to Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Children in CA.

May 16, 2000

The California Endowment, the state's largest private health foundation, recently awarded HiP Publishing Group a two-year, $260,000 grant to create HiP on Health and Prevention. This educational progr...   Read More

Brad A. Stach, Ph.D. Joins the Central Institute for the Deaf

May 11, 2000

Brad A. Stach, Ph.D. will join the Central Institute for the Deaf as Director, Audiology and Clinical Services. He is the author of the nation's most widely used university Audiology textbook, Clinica...   Read More

The GN ReSound Merger: One Year After the Rumors

May 9, 2000

At the American Academy of Audiology Meeting held last year in Miami, one of the big rumors that was circulating around the convention floor was the possible purchase of ReSound Corporation by GN Dana...   Read More

We are Pleased to Announce that Robert P. Wolf has Accepted the Position of President and CEO of Audiology Online

April 29, 2000

Rob will begin his duties at Audiology Online effective May 1, 2000. ''We are extremely proud to have an audiologist as highly regarded as Rob leading our ever expanding internet-based news and inform...   Read More

FDA and ANSI '96 Updates and Other Frye News

April 28, 2000

The straight scoop on the FDA and ANSI '96... The FDA last week clarified their rule on the use of ANSI '96. Manufacturers are required to use the ANSI '96 standard on all newly designed hearing aids...   Read More

Knowles Introduces the WaxBuster® - Solution for Receiver Wax Build Up

April 24, 2000

Itasca, IL February 9, 1998 -- Knowles Electronics, Inc. is pleased to introduce an effective remedy for the hearing aid industry's oldest problem, receiver wax build-up. The solution is the WaxBuster...   Read More Offers State-of-the-Art Solutions

April 24, 2000

(NASHVILLE, Tenn.), a new Internet portal for individuals with hearing loss, offers an economic state-of-the-art solution for its patients through its vast network of hearing healt...   Read More

Attention Au.D. Graduates

April 18, 2000

Now that you are nearing completion of your Au.D. degree program, the Audiology Foundation of America (AFA)would like to offer you an opportunity to purchase an attractive Au.D. pin to wear on your co...   Read More

Rayovac Announces Price Increase; Continues to Reinvest in Brand, Product Performance and Merchandising Innovations

April 12, 2000

MADISON, Wis., PRNewswire/ -- Rayovac announced a price increase for selected products, effective May 29, 2000. The overall price for the products, which include alkaline, rechargeable and hearing aid...   Read More

AuD Litigation Settled Favorably

April 10, 2000

West Lafayette, IN - A successful settlement has been reached in the litigation between AFA and ASHA over the use of the Doctor of Audiology and Au.D. designations. The settlement allows audiology to...   Read More

Oticon Focus on People Awards Honor Four Exceptional PeopleWho Defy the Stigma Of Hearing Loss

March 31, 2000

Pictured in the photo left to right are: Peter Mark, MD, Vice President ot Communications and Marketing, Oticon, Inc.; Mark Ross, Ph.D., recipient of the 2000 Oticon Focus on People Lifetime Achieveme...   Read More

Westone introduces another great product to benefit your patients!

March 30, 2000

Cushion-Aid pads are uniquely designed to address two of the most common complaints of BTE users: moisture and comfort. Cushion-Aids are semi-circular pads made of soft, thin foam with adhesive on one...   Read More

GN ReSound Installs Flow Manufacturing Process in Redwood City and Eagan Production Facilities

March 30, 2000

Minneapolis - In the summer 1999, within just a few weeks of the completion of the merger between ReSound and Danavox into GN ReSound, approval was granted to implement a dramatic change in the system...   Read More

AAA Audio Tapes Now Available!

March 27, 2000

Audio recordings of educational sessions given at the recent American Academy of Audiology meeting held in Chicago are now available from the Hour Recording Company's website. Please click on the link...   Read More

Rayovac Launches World's Longest-Lasting Hearing Aid Battery

March 22, 2000

MADISON, Wis., March 21-- Millions of people can now hear loud and clear -- and longer -- thanks to breakthrough technology developed by Rayovac (NYSE: ROV), the world's No.1 manufacturer of hearing a...   Read More

New Series of Mid-Priced Digital Hearing Aids Promoted Only Via the Internet Expands Professional Access to Informed, Recepti

March 20, 2000

SOMERSET, NJ- Oticon, Inc. unveiled its newest technologies for providing optimum solutions for those with hearing loss - a unique website and a line of mid-priced, fully digital hearing instruments t...   Read More

The Arizona School of Health Sciences Au.D. Program Accepts Applications

March 9, 2000

The Arizona School of Health Sciences (ASHS), a division of the Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine (KCOM), is now accepting applications for the professional doctorate of audiology degree prog...   Read More

Natus Medical, Inc. Announces Contract with Novation

March 6, 2000

SAN CARLOS, CA, Monday, February 28, 2000 - Natus Medical, Inc. has signed an agreement with Novation, the supply company for VHA Inc. and the University HealthSystem Consortium, two national health c...   Read More

AFA Achieves Stage Two of Professional Recredentialing Program

March 2, 2000

W. Lafayette, IN--- The Audiology Foundation of America (AFA) has achieved track two of its plan for audiology's transition to a doctoral profession. Track two calls for distance education programs th...   Read More

HIMSA's NOAH 3.0 Engine Released to Office System Developers

February 29, 2000

Copenhagen - HIMSA is pleased to announce the release of the NOAH 3.0 Engine, formerly known as NOAH 3.0 for Office Systems. NOAH Engine provides the foundation for creating NOAH 3.0-compatible office...   Read More

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