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Bio-logic Introduces It's Newest Line of Tools for Audiology

January 16, 2000

The AuDX is a programmable, battery powered, distortion product otoacoustic (DPOAE) test instrument which contains its own miniature computer - all packed into a hand-held device that weighs just over...   Read More

GN Great Nordic Takes Over Joint Venture in China

January 11, 2000

EAC-GN Communication Equipment markets and distributes primarily advanced measuring and test equipment from GN Nettest in China and, to a lesser extent, headsets from GN Netcom. The Chinese telecommun...   Read More

Digital Hearing UK Make Their Presence Known

January 10, 2000

Telesales might not come to mind as the obvious way to sell hearing aids, but for Digital Hearing UK Ltd, this method has proved to be a success. The company, founded recently by Jim Eley and Russell...   Read More

Sri Lanka's First Earmold Lab

January 5, 2000

The IMPACT Foundation, based in Haywards Heath, Sussex, UK is a charity which works in areas where ear problems are prevalent. Having previously launched screening programs in Sri Lanka, IMPACT funded...   Read More

The Latest News from Frye Electronics

January 4, 2000

FONIX 6500-CX News: Version 4.6 is shipping. This new version provides RS232 support for the ANSI '96 test sequence. Those who are doing custom programming need all this new code. Programmers will fin...   Read More

Knowles Electronics Announces New President and COO

December 27, 1999

Itasca, IL,-Knowles Electronics Holdings, Inc., a world class manufacturer of diversified high-technology products, announced today the appointment of John Zei as President and Chief Operations Office...   Read More

OZ Systems Awarded Contract to Provide Newborn Screening Software for ASHAs National Outcomes Measurement System

December 21, 1999

Optimization Zorn Corporation (OZ Systems) receives contract to modify their SIMS© newborn hearing screening information management software for use in the American Speech Language Hearing Associ...   Read More

AEHI Honors Oticon with Corporate Miracle Award

December 20, 1999

Marija Mihelic, M.A., CCC-A., Oticon's Educational Training Specialist, accepts the Alternatives in Education for the Hearing Impaired 'Corporate Miracle Award' from Sandy Mosetick, president of the A...   Read More


Larson Davis Introduces It's SYS008 & SYS009 Turnkey Audiometer Calibration Systems

December 14, 1999

It is vital that the audiometers used in hearing conservation programs and in clinical audiology be calibrated and certified at regular intervals. The new turnkey Larson Davis audiometer calibration s...   Read More

The University of Florida Announces It's Otoacoustic Emissions and Auditory Evoked Response Workshop

December 13, 1999

The University of Florida at Gainesville will host a hands-on Otoacoustic Emissions and Auditory Evoked Response Workshop. The event will be sponsored by the University of Florida Department of Commun...   Read More

Bernafon Introduces It's New Fully Digital Hearing Instrument!

December 7, 1999

Life is better with a Smile With the launch of a complete new fully digital hearing instrument family, Bernafon, the pioneer of digital programmable hearing systems (world's first digital programmable...   Read More

Life Sounds Announces HATIS Acquisition- Line of Hearing Devices

December 6, 1999

Walnut Creek, Calif., Nov. 29, 1999---Life Sounds Incorporated (a privately held California corporation) today announced completion of its patent acquisition from Phoenix Management of Fountain, Color...   Read More

E.A.R. Exceeds Market Expectations and Adds Mini-Lab

December 1, 1999

Boulder, CO--E.A.R., Inc. (Specialized Hearing Systems Div.) announces that its sales for Magnum Ear Automatic electronic ear protectors,in addition to its Insta-Mold non-electric custom fit ear prote...   Read More


November 30, 1999

Bethesda, MD - John L. Jaco of Alexandria, Virginia, has been named as executive director of Self Help for Hard of Hearing People, Inc. (SHHH), the nation's largest consumer organization for hard of h...   Read More

2000 Oticon Focus on People Awards Seek Individuals Who Defy the Stigma of Hearing Loss

November 22, 1999

Somerset, NJ—Oticon, Inc., a leading manufacturer of hearing instruments, announced a call for nominations for the 2000 Oticon Focus on People Awards. This includes the Lifetime Achievement Awar...   Read More


November 19, 1999

IMPROVES SOUND QUALITY! New versions of SONIC innovation's EXPRESSfit software were released on October 14, 1999. These new software products, EXPRESSfit for NOAH 1.2 and EXPRESSfit 1.3 (for PalmPilot...   Read More

Oticon, Inc. Hosts 5th Annual Human Link Conference

November 15, 1999

Oticon, Inc. Hosts 5th Annual Human Link Conference - Oticon, Inc. President Soren Holst greets Claus Eberling, M.Sc.D., director of the Eriksholm Research Center and one of the presenters at the comp...   Read More

GN Resound Announces Worldwide Leadership Plans at ADA

November 15, 1999

Southampton, Bermuda - (November 10, 1999) - GN ReSound, the fourth largest hearing instrument manufacturer in the world after an unique merger, described the ability to lead the high technology revol...   Read More

Arizona School of Health Sciences Announces It's Upcoming Au.D. Program

November 14, 1999

The Arizona School of Health Sciences (ASHS), a division of the Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine (KCOM), is developing a Doctor of Audiology (Au.D.) program. ASHS/KCOM: 'KCOM' 'was' founded...   Read More

A Turning Point for Audiology

November 8, 1999

West Lafayette, IN -- Today is a very significant day for Audiology. The Arizona School of Health Sciences and the Pennsylvania College of Optometry, School of Audiology announced their intentions to...   Read More

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