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Phonak Marvel 2.0 - September 2019

Phonak Group Strengthens its Wireless Division

Adds Telex CROS division to the wireless activities

The Phonak Group, headquartered in Stafa, Switzerland, announced the purchase of the Telex CROS, BiCROS and MultiCros business from Telex Communications, Inc. based in Burnsville, Minnesota. The acquisition is effective from January 7, 2002. It will add some USD 3.5 million (approx. CHF 6 million) to Phonak's consolidated sales and make an above average contribution to the operating profit.

The CROS line of hearing instruments are designed to benefit individuals with little or no hearing in one ear and some degree of hearing in the other ear. The system consists of two hearing aids that communicate with each other. The poorer ear is equipped with a microphone and transmitter. The sound from the "poor side" is transmitted via a radio signal to the better ear. This helps individuals who have only one good ear to hear conversation and alerting sounds on their "bad side." The Telex system is the only wireless CROS design on the market today.

Mike Jones, President North America of the Phonak Group, sees the CROS system as a complement to the already successful Phonak line of hearing systems and communication devices. "Phonak is known throughout the industry as a leader in wireless communication. Wireless FM communication systems can be found in schools, public places and homes throughout the world. These systems collect sound at its source and send it via FM radio directly to the listener. Phonak's FM systems are fast becoming the industry standard. By offering the wireless CROS line, Phonak can still better serve the professional community as well as meet the needs of more individuals with a hearing loss."

The purchase of the Telex wireless CROS system includes all intellectual property. While Phonak will, of course, support the current customers who rely on this system, there are plans to further develop this technology. The long-term goal is to enhance the current wireless CROS offerings and make them available on a worldwide scale.

The new activities will be added to Phonak USA's wireless division, which - under the leadership of Helmut Ermann - has been developing extremely successfully over the last few years.


For further information, please contact:
- In North America:
Phonak Inc., Warrenville, IL 60555, USA
Helmut Ermann, Director of Wireless Division
Tel.: +1 630 821 5000, e-mail:
or Laura Voll, Director of Marketing
Tel. +1 630 821 5216, e-mail:

- In Europe:
Phonak Communications Ltd., CH-3280 Murten
Evert Dijkstra, Director of Business Development Wireless
Tel. ++41 26 672 96 50, e-mail:

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