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Oticon Medical Ponto 5 Family - April 2022

Ponto BHX Implant Sets New Standards for Implant Technology


Ponto BHX ImplantCopenhagen, DK  November 30  --  Oticon Medical introduces the Ponto BHX Implant, the first implant with a laser-ablated titanium surface that promotes a faster and stronger bonding to bone and increases the strength of the bone-to-implant interface by more than 150%.1  The FDA-cleared Ponto BHX Implant is a perfect match between Oticon Medical’s proven OptiGrip™ geometry and the latest surface technology, taking osseointegration to the next level – bone bonding – and delivering the highest stability from day one.2,3

“The unique Biohelix™ surface is the outcome of the latest research from world-leading experts of osseointegration in Gothenburg, Sweden,” says Oticon Medical President Jes Olsen.  “By building on Brånemark osseointegration technology’s 40 years of excellent clinical results, we aim to improve clinical outcomes in patients with soft or compromised bone as well as offer increased implant stability margins for regular patients.”

Stronger than Bone, Highest Stability

The new Ponto BHX implant builds on the proven OptiGrip geometry. The Wide Ponto implant with OptiGrip™ geometry has the highest level of initial stability of all bone anchored implants.2,3  Ponto BHX implants improve the biomechanical fixation even further and, at the same time, promote a faster and stronger bonding to the bone.1

Biohelix™ - First Laser-Ablated Titanium Surface

An innovative site-specific laser modification at the roots of the threads of the OptiGrip™ geometry creates a three level surface topography matching the natural bone structure at the macro-, micro- and nano-scale promoting bone-bonding and interface strength. In fact, the bone bonding to the BHX Implant is stronger than bone itself.1 The enhanced osseointegration provided by the Biohelix surface offers additional benefit, aiming to lower the loss rate among children and adults with soft and compromised bone.

Ponto Abutments Pre-Mounted with BHX Implant

The flexible Ponto abutment family pre-mounted with the Ponto BHX implant is ideal for use in minimally invasive surgery. Oticon Medical offers the most extensive family of abutments supporting different skin thicknesses.  All abutments have a pure titanium surface and the revolutionary OptiFit™ geometry, scientifically proven for tissue preservation surgery.4,5

“The new Ponto BHX Implant is an excellent example of how Oticon Medical innovation creates new benefits and exciting synergies with our proven products,” says Olsen. “We want people to know that when they choose Oticon Medical, they are choosing a company that will continue to provide innovative solutions that improve quality of life now and in the future.”

For more information about the Ponto BHX Implant and the entire family of Ponto abutment family, visit or the Oticon Medical Expo Page on AudiologyOnline. 


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