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Resound - Hearing Experience - Feb. 2021

ReSound and Cochlear Bimodal Hearing Solutions Provide Life-Changing Outcomes



Today, ReSound® released a video featuring the compelling story of Australian Kate Obermayer, a ReSound Smart Hearing aid and CochlearTM Bimodal User. Diagnosed with profound hearing loss as a child, Kate struggled with isolation and depression. At age 21, she took charge of her hearing health, receiving a Cochlear implant at age 29, and more recently being fitted with ReSound ENZO2TM, ReSound’s super power Smart Hearing aid.

Kate’s story of overcoming her hearing loss as a mother, a wife, and a professional, is available online on the ReSound Australia website or by visiting the following link:

Combined, Kate’s Cochlear Nucleus® 6 and ReSound ENZO2 Smart Hearing aid can stream sound directly without bulky neck-worn components, provide better speech understanding, sound localization, and numerous personalization options as part of the world’s first and only full family of Made for iPhone hearing aids, giving users more choices to meet individual preferences and hearing loss needs.

Having collaborated successfully on technology and product development since 2011, ReSound and Cochlear Limited announced a strategic alliance in 2015 to develop the world’s smartest bimodal hearing solutions. This innovative collaboration has improved the hearing outcomes for more people of all ages with moderate to profound hearing loss, while simplifying the management of hearing solutions for hearing health professionals.

ReSound is committed to people like Kate and the more than 300 million others around the world with hearing loss, through the development of award-winning ReSound Smart Hearing aids, giving users more choices to meet individual preferences and hearing loss needs.

“Stories like Kate’s are a powerful reminder of why we continue to push the limits of hearing innovation at ReSound,” said Allister Daly, General Manager ReSound Australia & New Zealand. “The ability to link these two devices, directly steam audio from a smartphone or accessory device, and set them to the personal preferences of the wearer can have quality of life outcomes that make a real difference.”

ReSound Smart Hearing is the only internet-connected and Made for iPhone hearing aid available in a complete lineup of models allowing users the freedom to choose their preferred style. Since 2007, ReSound has applied directionality in a unique way that opens up sound for users and avoids "tunnel hearing."

ReSound Smart Hearing solutions are available through a global network of hearing professionals. Consumers looking for more information about ReSound hearing aids can visit

About ReSound

ReSound is a brand of GN Hearing A/S. GN Hearing is the medical device division of The GN Group, a global leader in intelligent audio solutions operating in the fields of med-tech, hearables and intelligent audio. Our award-winning ReSound Smart Hearing merges audiological sound processing with the power of mainstream innovation. People with hearing loss can use them like wireless stereo headphones, and can personalize any listening situation with the accompanying app. Smart Hearing is changing the conversation from the limitations of wearing a hearing aid to the possibilities gained by wearing one of the world’s smartest devices. Founded in 1869, employing over 5,000 people, and listed on Nasdaq Copenhagen, GN makes life sound better.


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