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MED-EL - Bonebridge - August 2023

Sri Lanka's First Earmold Lab


The IMPACT Foundation, based in Haywards Heath, Sussex, UK is a charity which works in areas where ear problems are prevalent. Having previously launched screening programs in Sri Lanka, IMPACT funded the training of an Audiologist and an Audiology Technician to work under the guidance of Audio Medical Devices in the manufacture of earmolds.

Mr. Bev Allen, MD of Audio Medical Devices was commissioned by IMPACT to supply and install Sri Lanka's first earmold lab, and on May 27, he and the staff at the Children's Resource Center made the first earmold.

Installed at the Center, the laboratory will enable them to do the necessary test and fittings of hearing aids, after which there will be auditory training and speech therapy.

Vice Chairman, Mr. Padman Ratnesar FRCS, roving consulant for IMPACT, busy working on projects around the globe was asked what IMPACT's message is and replied, 'Action today to prevent disability tomorrow!'

For further information contact: Audio Medical Devices at +44 (0) 181 663 0760, or by fax at +44 (0) 181 663 0163.

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