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Starkey Livio Edge AI - February 2020

Starkey Announces Direct Streaming from Samsung Galaxy Smartphones to Livio AI Devices


Connectivity enhancements bring new benefits of the world’s first Healthable hearing aid to even more patients

Eden Prairie, Minnesota (February 12, 2020) – With relentless dedication to innovation and commitment to best-in-class audio streaming, Starkey is proud to announce Livio AI is now compatible with more devices than ever before, including direct streaming support from the latest in Samsung’s smartphones. This capability expands Starkey’s streaming offering to Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+ and Note 10 smartphones, leveraging all the power-saving benefits of Bluetooth® Low Energy.

“This new ability to stream directly from Samsung smartphones to Livio AI will allow Starkey to continue to expand its global footprint,” said Achin Bhowmik, Ph.D., Starkey’s Chief Technology Officer and Executive Vice President of Engineering. “Samsung smartphones are used around the world. This new compatibility will substantially increase the number of people who can access the groundbreaking technology that Livio AI offers.”

Livio AI is the only hearing aid to use artificial intelligence to monitor brain and body activity, allowing people of all ages to take a proactive approach to their overall wellness. These devices continue to earn recognition inside and outside of the hearing industry, including TIME’s list of Best Inventions of 2019 and The Verge’s list of 100 best gadgets of the decade.

“We are pleased to have a chance to work with Starkey to incorporate the function for the hearing impaired in our devices,” said Jong-Mu Choi, Head of Convergence R&D for Samsung Electronics. “We look forward to our continued partnership, as we develop new technologies.”

With the quick adoption of the Android 10 platform by smartphone manufacturers, Starkey is aggressively deploying additional connectivity to its family of Livio devices, continually bringing new benefits to existing patients around the world.


About Starkey Hearing Technologies

Starkey Hearing Technologies is a privately held, global hearing technology company headquartered in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. Founded by Bill Austin in 1967, Starkey is known for its innovative design, development and distribution of comprehensive digital hearing systems. Led today by President Brandon Sawalich, Starkey is the only American-owned provider of hearing aid technologies. The company has more than 6,000 employees, operates 26+ facilities and does business in more than 100 markets worldwide. Learn more at

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