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Tinnitus Charity Calls for Medical Professionals to Signpost Throughout Covid-19 Outbreak


Leading UK tinnitus charity, the British Tinnitus Association (BTA) calls on audiologists and ENTs to signpost to support services in the absence of medical appointments, ahead of anticipated Covid-19 NHS redeployment.

Tinnitus – a condition that affects 7.1 million people in the UK – is often exacerbated by stress and anxiety. There is not currently a cure for the condition, however, there are several strategies that can be helpful in learning to manage tinnitus.

David Stockdale, Chief Executive of the British Tinnitus Association, said: “We know that responding to the Covid-19 outbreak is at the top of everyone’s priority list, and rightfully so, but it’s also important to make sure that patients with new and ongoing health conditions, such as tinnitus, are supported.

“The British Tinnitus Association remains open and we are here to offer support to people living with tinnitus. So, we’re asking audiologists, ENTs and GPs to utilise us, and signpost to our services, including our invaluable online ‘Take on Tinnitus’ tool.”

The BTA provides support to people with tinnitus through a range of services including:

  • Take on Tinnitus ( – an online resource designed to help patients better understand tinnitus and offer practical ways that could help to relieve their tinnitus – rated by 85% of users as useful or very useful
  • Helpline – confidential information and advice from a member of the BTA team (9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday):
  • The BTA website ( – information, advice and guidance

Dr Tom Polito, a GP in North Yorkshire, said: “Take on Tinnitus is a useful and interesting resource for GPs, and a helpful guide for patients with this distressing condition.” 

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