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Total Office Solutions Provides Software Developement Services to the Hearing HealthCare Profession


Cohoes NY - Total Office Solutions (TOS) has been providing software development services to hearing instrument and measurement equipment manufacturers since 1996. Three NOAH instrument fitting modules have been completed to date and currently, four projects are nearing completion.

These current projects are: a NOAH measurement module, two NOAH instrument fitting modules, and a stand-alone, or non-NOAH instrument fitting module. Both of the NOAH instrument fitting modules have been designed to also run as stand-alone programs. International, language specific, versions have been delivered for European and Japanese markets.

All NOAH programs recently developed have been 32-bit and have utilized the NOAH 32-bit accessibility layer for communication with 16-bit NOAH. In developing fitting modules, TOS applies its experience with the Hi-Pro and the MicroTech MicroCard interfaces to program hearing instruments. TOS is also familiar with both the Palm Pilot and the Windows CE platforms as a result of in-house experimentation.

TOS is currently the only independent company (not affiliated with any hearing instrument manufacturer) that has provided such extensive services to this industry.

For information on how TOS can help you develop your next fitting or measurement module on schedule, and within budget, please contact Mark Zotto at 800.815.3218 or 800.442.4327. Mark will be glad to discuss any aspects of the development process and to provide any references.

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