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Cochlear Recipient Solutions - June 2023

Varta Batteries Introduces New High-tech Hearing Aid Batteries for Longer Life


Acoustic Special is the name of the new generation of hearing aid batteries from Varta. Technologically advanced, the new microbatteries set a high-end benchmark in the hearing aid market and guarantee excellent sound quality.

One Battery for all Applications:
Following a market survey, the Battery Experts saw the need to develop a universal, long-life battery, suitable for all applications. The new zinc-air batteries from Varta are the ideal solution for analog and digital hearing aids, whether standard or high-amplification units.

Long Lifetimes at High Voltage Levels:
To cover the range of demands on batteries as optimally and comprehensively as possible with a range of five batteries, Varta engineers equipped the Varta Acoustic Special series with a higher and more stable voltage. This was made possible by increasing the cell's internal volume and using an improved formula. The result is long battery life at continuously high voltage levels of over 1.1 V. This is important in order to withstand the different terminal voltages of the various hearing aids, since analog hearing aids demonstrate significant loss of performance below 1.1 V, and digital devices can shut off completely.

Power for Excellent Sound:
Optimum amplifier performance made possible by the consistently high power output from the battery ensures long and high-quality sound for hearing aid users. Independent capacity tests, for example those devised by the Tracor Institute in the USA, have demonstrated the superiority of the Varta Acoustic Special series over rival products.

Benefit for the User:
The clear, transparent design of the new Acoustic Special blister packs from Varta allows rapid selection and immediate recognition at the point of sale. The user does not need to know whether his hearing aid is digital or analog, or whether it has standard or high amplification. Furthermore, Varta batteries last considerably longer and thus need to be changed less frequently.

Another key factor is the high leakage protection of the new batteries. They perform particularly well under extreme climatic conditions such as heat, humidity, cold, etc. A newly-developed filter foil lets air into the battery, but does not allow moisture to escape. The new Varta Acoustic Special is available in V 5, V 10, V 13, V 312 and V 675 versions, with six batteries per blister pack. To complete the series, a rechargeable version is also available [V 40 H].

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