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Phonak Lumity - September 2023

World Premiere of the First Fully Digital Hearing Computers From Phonak


Claro fulfills the promise of digital hearing clearly and distinctly.

Claro is the name of Phonak's first fully digitized communication/hearing computer and it will receive its first public presentation at the 44th International Congress of Hearing Instrument Acousticians in Nuremberg. The system opens up totally new dimensions in hearing instrument performance.

'As the name Claro implies, this innovative, fully digital communication/hearing computer offers unprecedented advantages for speech intelligibility in all kinds of hearing situations,' explained Andreas E. Rihs, Chairman of the Board and CEO of the Phonak Group at the launch. 'Claro's ability to suppress unwanted sounds - particularly in noisy environments - is unequalled. The speech of the person you are speaking to is clearer and more intelligible than ever before.'

In market surveys hearing instrument users have repeatedly stressed the importance of hearing and understanding in noise as a top priority and the weakest point of the instruments currently available on the market. Hearing instrument users frequently complained of frustration over their instruments. Claro is Phonak's answer to the main worry of hearing instrument users. Hearing and understanding clearly again will be the order of the day once again for millions of individuals suffering from hearing loss. As Andreas Rihs puts it, Claro is 'the first communication/hearing computer that actually listens for you!'

Cutting-edge chip technology points the way forward:

This phenomenal technical breakthrough is based on six years of intense research and development work during which it was possible for the first time ever to fully integrate psychoacoustic perception models of the ear. As a result, it has been possible to simulate the function of the so-called '20 critical bands' in the inner ear and to achieve an unprecedented natural hearing experience. This sophisticated, highly complex system goes by the name Digital Perception Processing (DPP) and is based on the most advanced chip generation currently available. The chip architecture is built around 0.25µm technology, which permits Fast Fourier Transformation (FFT) processes combined with very low power consumption. According to Andreas Rihs, it means there is still a great deal of potential for extending the chip's performance and this opens the door to some highly interesting developments on the same chip basis in the future.

The advent of a genuine communication/hearing computer:

The impressive, state-of-the-art technology is combined with an exclusive, all-round communication concept based on the components Digital Perception Processing (DPP), AutoSelect, Adaptive digital AudioZoom und Fine-scale Noise Canceler. It provides a decisive boost to the power of the audiological solution and, with it, the benefits to the user. The Adaptive digital AudioZoom automatically locates and suppresses the main source of noise and at the same time clearly separates the voice of the person speaking within the listener's field of vision. The result of this is a positive signal-to-noise ratio on a scale that has never been achieved before.

To round it off, the top model in the new Claro range is the first ever to feature the wireless FM technology found in the well-known MicroLink system and thus has all the advantages of wireless communication technology, such as speech transmission over distance in noisy surroundings (conferences, schools, etc.). As a result, the hearing computer has undergone a definitive transition to a communication/hearing computer, which in many situations is indisputably superior to the human ear.

Outstanding design combined with maximum functionality:

Phonak also sets new standards in aesthetic terms: maximum ease of use and functionality are integrated into the elegant high-tech design. Perhaps more importantly, Claro has a very high level of protection against the environment (dirt, moisture, wind), which has dramatically increased the reliability and robustness of the system. Claro adapts automatically to an immense range of hearing situations, continuously improving hearing performance. Special, situation-specific hearing programs are activated automatically. If the user prefers, Claro can also be controlled manually using either the TacTronic switch, which is a standard built-in feature of the behind-the-ear instruments, or the SoundPilot, an extremely mini-remote control.

Main features at a glance:

Digital Perception Processing (DPP): digital, perception-based signal processing of loudness, clarity and acoustic quality in 20 critical bands
Adaptive digital AudioZoom (dAZ): automatic location and suppression of noise combined with spatial separation of noise from speech
Fine-scale noise canceler: high-resolution, intelligent noise suppression in 20 bands

AutoSelect: fully automatic multi-program management system (or, if preferred, manual control via TacTronic switch and optional SoundPilot mini-remote control)
Integrated FM technology in the top model

Feedback control system:
Phonak Fitting Guideline PFG 7: user-friendly, highly effective fitting software

A range of models for every need:

The Claro product line comprises two in-the-ear hearing computers (Claro 22, the smallest, fully digital in-the-canal instrument and Claro 21 dAZ with adaptive digital AudioZoom) along with two behind-the-ear hearing computers (Claro 311 dAZ and Claro 311 dAZ FM, with integrated, wireless radio communication technology).

The market launch will get under way after the German Congress, starting with key markets in Germany, Switzerland and the USA. Distribution partners will receive intensive training and attend seminars on fitting the new products for optimum results.

Once the products have been successfully introduced, there are plans to inform general-interest media in detail about the new line.

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