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ZPower Partners with Oaktree Products to Make Hearing Aid Replacement Batteries More Accessible to the Hearing Care Community


Leading rechargeable microbatteries are now available through major hearing industry supplier.

January 15, 2019 - Camarillo, CA – ZPower, a leader in rechargeable microbattery technology, announced a partnership with Oaktree Products, a leading distributor of clinical supplies to the hearing industry, to make hearing aid replacement batteries more accessible to hearing care providers.

This new partnership will streamline the battery reorder process by allowing hearing care providers to order ZPower replacement batteries directly through Oaktree Products.

“ZPower is changing the landscape for rechargeable hearing aids with their silver-zinc microbatteries,” said Bob Kemp, CEO and Owner of Oaktree Products. “Their technology was a game changer for people with hearing loss and we’re proud to do our part to enable greater adoption of rechargeable power in the hearing space.”

For 20 years, ZPower has been an innovator in rechargeable battery technology. The foundation of its patented technology is a unique silver-zinc chemistry, which enables the smallest, most energy dense microbattery available. It uses a non-toxic, non-flammable, water-based electrolyte that is safe for wearable technologies. 

“Rechargeability is a critical contributor to a positive and empowered experience for hearing aid users and we’re happy to see it proliferating in the space. We are passionate about exploring additional applications of our silver-zinc technology that enrich the human experience--especially in markets needing an alternative to traditional chemistries to power the next game changing technologies.” said Ross Dueber, CEO of ZPower. “As devices continue to get smaller, more sophisticated and power-hungry, ZPower is uniquely positioned to meet those demands across a spectrum of industries.” 

ZPower batteries can be purchased by hearing care providers on Oaktree’s website here

About ZPower:

ZPower, with headquarters and a manufacturing facility in Camarillo, California, is a leader in the development of rechargeable silver-zinc batteries for microbattery applications. ZPower batteries deliver unmatched performance, improve user experience and are better for the environment. ZPower is ISO 13485:2016 and ISO 9001:2008 certified, and its facility and devices are registered with the FDA. For more information, visit

About Oaktree Products:

Oaktree Products, Inc. serves as a resource for audiologists and other hearing health care professionals with a commitment to providing the highest level of customer service. As a multi-line distributor of hearing health care products, the company offers over 4,200 different products intended for use in the clinical environment or for resale to patients. Oaktree Products is also a resource to the hearing industry and hearing health care professionals, offering information, product solutions, and technical training/education in various areas of clinical practice including hearing assistance technology, cerumen management, and infection control. For more information, visit 

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