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Rachel Bishop - Faces of Audiology

July 1, 2019

Meet Rachel Bishop, the second Phonak audiologist we feature in our new global initiative “Faces of Audiology”. Find out more about her, what drives her, and what her passions are:

About Faces of Audiology: Audiological excellence has always been an integral part of our DNA: We employ more than 1,000 audiologists worldwide, over the last 15 years, we have fit almost 2,000 subjects as part of our product validation process, and we typically work on around 60 studies a year.

But there is more to global audiology excellence than just numbers. It’s the people that ultimately make the difference.

We are proud of our global team of audiologists. They make sure that we not only develop innovative solutions, but – even more importantly – their main task is to ensure that these are translated into real-life user benefits. Their diverse educational & cultural backgrounds, know-how, dedication and passion are the driving force behind our solutions, training and support.

This is why we want to invite you to get to know the people behind the scenes. We proudly present: our Faces of Audiology!

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