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Clinical Assessment of Hyperacusis in Children and Adults

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1.  What causes hyperacusis in children?
  1. Medications
  2. Head injuries or acoustic trauma injuries
  3. Illnesses
  4. All of the Above
2.  What is the LDL Test?
  1. It is a test to measure threshold of hearing in humans.
  2. It is a test that assesses depression in children during the pandemic.
  3. It is a test to measure loudness tolerance / loudness discomfort.
  4. It is a test that measures the loudness of tinnitus in a unilateral condition.
3.  According to the presenter, at what age can children easily do the LDL test?
  1. 6 months of age
  2. 9 years old and older
  3. 4 years old
  4. 1 year old
4.  What do I need to determine the degree of severity in hyperacusis?
  1. Air and Bone Thresholds, Tymps, Case History
  2. Air and Bone Thresholds, Otoacoustic Emissions, Otoscopy
  3. Air and Bone Thresholds, Word Discrimination
  4. Air and Bone Thresholds, Loudness Discomfort Level testing, Case History
5.  Decreased Sound Sensitivity or Hyperacusis in children can be affected by these factors:
  1. Personality Characteristics and Mood
  2. Fear of sound in general which causes phonophobia or fear of sound
  3. Apprehension about clinical setting, sound booth enclosure, strange equipment, Use of tight fitting headphone set
  4. All of the above

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