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Implementing a New Organization Model to Optimize Patient Care: A Case Study From the University of Miami

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1.  Which of the following is a metric that can be used to determine if it could be possible to improve patient experience at your clinic?
  1. Searching your database for upgrade-eligible patients
  2. Surveying patients to ask for their feedback about their experience.
  3. Being careful to avoid any changes to your workflow
  4. Scheduling all appointments for 15 minutes
2.  Clinic protocols:
  1. Should be exactly the same for every clinic
  2. Should be highly individualized for every clinic
  3. Should be unique to every patient
  4. Should be evidence-based with a consistent minimal test battery
3.  In 10 years, a clinic that sees 50 new patients per year will need to be able to support:
  1. 500 existing patients plus 50 new patient evaluations while simultaneously supporting the second ear with a hearing aid or second implant
  2. 50 new bilateral patients
  3. 600 patients, some of whom may also have a device on the second ear
  4. 5000 patients
4.  What is one method for supporting clinic growth?
  1. Schedule adult patients for 6-12 programming appointments in the first 3-6 months
  2. Avoid speech perception testing in the booth
  3. Identifying one area to target for improvement and monitoring the outcomes
  4. Perform a 2-hour speech perception evaluation every month
5.  Improving clinic efficiency will result in which of the following?
  1. Greater patient access to care and audiologist expertise
  2. Reduced patient access to care and audiologist expertise
  3. More clinic time spent pairing smartphones
  4. Financial uncertainty

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