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Microtia/Aural Atresia: A Parent’s Perspective

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Disclosure: This Course is presented by Oticon Medical in partnership with AudiologyOnline.

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Course Abstract

This course will describe from the perspective of a parent of a child with microtia. The speaker will explain the lack of information provided to her about microtia from the medical professional including the impact microtia has on hearing and learning. The course will describe the various impacts of unilateral hearing loss. Treatment options for microtia will also be described.
Disclosure: The focus of this course is a parent's perspective in regards to having a child with microtia, however, Oticon Medical and other company products may be mentioned during this course.

This course was recorded on April 23, 2013


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Course Learning Outcomes

  • After this course learners will be able to describe the difference between congenital microtia and congenital aural atresia.
  • After this course learners will be able to describe the different treatment options for a child with microtia/atresia.
  • After this course learners will be able to describe the impact of unilateral hearing loss may have on a child.
  • After this course learners will be able to describe diagnostic assessments for microtia/aural atresia.

Time-ordered Agenda

0-5 Minutes Introduction
5-20 Minutes My child has congenital Microtia/Atresia … now what?1. The diagnosis and reaction2. Meeting with healthcare personnel including the ENT/Otologist/Audiologist/Speech Language Pathologist, etc...
20-40 Minutes Is one good ear good enough?Citations/studies, personal and others examples, research, etc...
40-50 Minutes Treatment and options1. Bone conduction hearing devicesa. Soft band head bands (under age 5)b. Implantable surgery (age 5 and up)2. Early intervention services, speech therapy, and IEP/504 plans
50-55 Minutes Ear Community and the Microtia and Atresia Support Group1. Research2. Networking/connecting
55-60 Minutes Q & A

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Review by: debra on March 7, 2016
gut wrenching honest talk from someone who lived it
Review by: Sylvie on December 30, 2015
Helpful to hear the parent's perspective
Review by: Member on December 21, 2015
Excellent lecture! Great efforts taken by this parent to educate all the families as well as professionals globally! I am glad that through AO I came across this lecture! Thank you AO!
Review by: Member on December 19, 2015
I recently attended an adult with Microtia and was very curious to learn more about it. The speaker was very knowledgable and easy to understand.
Review by: Susan on December 12, 2015
it came from parent perspective
Review by: Paula on June 15, 2015
Honest feedback from parents is always helpful, especially when we, "the professionals", have let those parents down in ways that we can/should correct. What I learned today about what parents WANT to know from us will change the way I inform parents, and the content of that information.
Review by: Debbie on June 14, 2015
She had a very good presentation style and lots of good research backed information in addition to her personal experience. I also appreciated the addition of info applicable to all unilateral hearing loss beyond M/A
Review by: Vickie on April 14, 2015
Always important to hear the perspective from parents.
Review by: Elfie on February 16, 2015
Having course being told from a parents perspective
Review by: Charles on December 29, 2014
well presented, well organized
Review by: Linnea on December 18, 2014
Parental perspective is often missing, and this presenter was articulate and candid.
Review by: Erin on June 23, 2014
It was nice to get a parent's perspective; thank you!
Review by: Rosemary on May 27, 2014
Information from a parent perspective was helpful and enlightening.
Review by: John on February 26, 2014
Review by: Joanne on January 18, 2014
Informative. Content was relative.useful information to give parents their options
Review by: Katherine on December 29, 2013
The parent perspective was very interesting and enlightening.
Review by: Shaji on December 11, 2013
personal touch with examples of her child
Review by: Jeanie on December 7, 2013
Real life examples
Review by: Christy on December 3, 2013
topic and perspective were wonderful and are typically under discussed BEST COURSE I HAVE TAKEN IN THREE YEARS! presenter was excellent in combining her personal experience and a lot of referenced reseach PERFECT!
Review by: Caroline on December 2, 2013
It was organized and clearly presented. Nice to hear an honest parent perspective & enjoyed hearing the info told in more of a personal experience/story format.
Review by: Patricia on November 27, 2013
Loved the parent perspective and also the information about the Ear Community.
Review by: joann on November 26, 2013
the speaker's personal experinces
Review by: Susan on November 8, 2013
taught me importance of counseling parents better and to always provide all treatment options for this condition
Review by: Rebekah on November 6, 2013
I liked the personal experiences.
Review by: Monica on October 17, 2013
Clear. Good examples. Very good information.
Review by: Natalie on October 10, 2013
I appreciated hearing a parent's perspective.
Review by: Katharine on September 19, 2013
Good parent testimonials.
Review by: Carol on September 19, 2013
personal experience of the presenter
Review by: Sue on July 31, 2013
It is always good as professionals to understand the parents'/patients' perspective. The speaker took a negative experience and turned it into a positive one, not only for her child, but for many families. Kudos--well done!
Review by: Anissa on July 9, 2013
I did not know much about baha and I understand it a lot more. Nice to hear a parent's perspective.
Review by: Naomi on July 7, 2013
Presenter shared personal experiences. As an audiologist, made me aware of what information is important for parents to know and when they want to learn it.
Review by: Richard on July 2, 2013
Thought audiologists and ENT were better informed re. these problems. Also updated info was great
Review by: Trude on June 27, 2013
Clear and concise presentation
Review by: Walter on June 21, 2013
This course made me informed about an entire subject I knew nothing about.
Review by: Linda on June 19, 2013
discussed implications of unilateral hearing loss, which are always worth repeating.
Review by: Jeannette on June 14, 2013
The personal testimony and the fact that she is providing support and info for so many others at this time.
Review by: Jennifer on June 11, 2013
A combination of statistics, personal experiences and professional experiences (from the advocate perspective)
Review by: Summer on June 9, 2013
This was the most information I have ever been provided in regards to Microtia/Atresia. In addition, it was by far, better than any information I obtained in school. Nothing can replace a parents perspective when it comes to Microtia/Atresia in your own child.
Review by: nancy on June 7, 2013
information and presentation method
Review by: Mary Beth on June 3, 2013
It seemed it was geared to parents.
Review by: Rebecca on June 3, 2013
Good to get the parent's perspective
Review by: Julie on May 30, 2013
It was very interesting to get a parent's perspective.
Review by: Diane on May 30, 2013
It will help me to more strongly encourage parents to try the BAHA at a younger age. I will also be giving out the EarCommunity website to all parents of children with MA
Review by: Allison on May 28, 2013
Parent perspective
Review by: Ryan on May 14, 2013
Great use of personal experiences from presenter and other parents.
Review by: Kelly on May 7, 2013
It was very helpful and touching to hear the speaker's personel story.
Review by: Laura on May 6, 2013
interesting topic, not often spoken about
Review by: Mary on May 2, 2013
It's important to hear feedback from parents/patients to learn how to improve care.
Review by: Maria Theresa Marta on May 1, 2013
It presented a parent's peerspective which is often difficult and tedious to obtain.
Review by: Joseph on April 30, 2013
Content was somewhat scattered
Review by: Kristina on April 29, 2013
A parent's perspective is a refreshing change and she did it in a professional manner.
Review by: David on April 29, 2013
Great organization and delivery by an advocate. The presenter has lived the experience making it very relevant to all participating.
Review by: Elizabeth on April 28, 2013
clear speaker, helpful "real-life" examples
Review by: Paul on April 24, 2013
that more children may benifit by the knowledge we share with each other.

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Course Presenter

melissa tumblin

Melissa Tumblin

Founder and Executive Director of the Ear Community

Melissa Tumblin is mom to Alyssa "Ally" Tumblin, a child born with right sided Microtia and Aural Atresia.  She is the Founder and Executive Director of Ear Community, a nonprofit organization that promotes educational and public awareness about Microtia and Atresia and hearing loss, in an unbiased manner, while promoting advocacy and connecting individuals in the same situation. She is also the founder of the Microtia and Atresia Support Group on Facebook.  She is a past board member for the Hands & Voices Organization and a past council member for the Parent Advocacy Family Council for Children's Hospital Colorado (Bill Daniels Center for Children's Hearing).  She has spoken at microtia and atresia surgical conferences and has presented at past EAA (Educational Audiology Association) conferences and for AudiologyOnline.  Melissa has 15 years of medical device marketing experience marketing electrosurgical devices and laparoscopic instruments. 

Disclosure: Financial: Melissa Tumblin is the founder of Ear Community, a network of parents and professionals dedicated to educating parents and the public about the effects of and treatment for children with microtia and aural atresia. Nonfinancial: Melissa Tumblin is the parent of a child born with right sided microtia who wears a device similar to those discussed in this course. She is a strong advocate for parents of children with microtia and aural atresia and is the founder of Ear Community.

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