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At Unitron we believe personal relationships are at the heart of the hearing business. That’s why we partner with hearing healthcare professionals to enhance the patient experience with the best products, services and resources to support in-clinic success. We’re an extension of our customers’ teams: we’re approachable, collaborative and easy to work with, and this sets us apart from our competitors.

Unitron U.S. has an ISO 9001:2008 registered, custom manufacturing facility. Our team pays close attention to each individual order from the shell lab through assembly to final computerized quality testing to help ensure our customers deliver an exceptional patient experience.


Unitron™ North platform

March 13, 2015

Unitron™ North platform

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Unitron: Meeting the needs of the modern consumer

October 6, 2014

Brian Taylor and Jason Mayer from Unitron discuss the biggest trends in the industry that will change the way hearing care practitioners run their practices. For more information, go to

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Flex:trial - A Proven Business Solution from Unitron

May 30, 2014

Jason Mayer, VP of Sales at Unitron US, gives us a deeper look into the benefits of Flex:trial. For more information, please visit

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Being a Pillar of Community

April 1, 2014

Unitron's Brian Taylor discusses the importance of being active and present in your community, as well as how Unitron provides support for practices in the continually changing marketplace.

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Designing Hearing Instruments to Address Patient Needs

July 31, 2013

Unitron's VP of Research and Development, Ara Talaslian, talks about the company's hierarchical approach to innovation, which results in products with commercial appeal for professionals, and...

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How Can Unitron's Unite Program Help Your Practice?

June 30, 2013

Brian Taylor, PhD, discusses Unitron's Unite program, what it can do to benefit your practice, as well as how you can adapt your business during these changing economic times.

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Introducing Flex from Unitron

April 3, 2013

Flex™ is the industry’s first risk-free business solution for hearing healthcare professionals to provide personalized hearing instrument trials and upgrades for their patients to try at h...

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Unitron Flex program praised by Hearing Healthcare Professionals

April 3, 2013

Introducing Flex™, only from Unitron - a unique, proven approach to trial hearing instruments that boosts patient adoption and satisfaction. With Flex, hearing healthcare professionals can offer...

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Creating a Great Client Experience

January 3, 2013

Unitron's Brian Taylor, Au.D. discusses the various challenges and solutions for marketing your practice.

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Unitron's Solutions to Deliver First Fit Acceptance and Long Term Success

October 31, 2012

Donald Hayes, Ph.D., explains how Unitron's Automatic Adaptation Manager and Power Adaptation Manager deliver high first fit acceptance, and seamlessly adapt hearing aid settings over time to deli...

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Unitron Canada and Hearing Healthcare Professionals Define What It Means to Create an Exceptional Patient Experience

Unitron and Hearing Healthcare Professionals Embrace a Vision for Industry Change

Unitron Earns the Company its Third Consecutive Red Dot Design Award

Unitron's Patient Insights Opens a New Window into the Patient Experience

Unitron Packs a Powerful Punch with Stride™ M

Unitron Talks Strategy and Practice Growth at Asian Customer Summit

Unitron Spotlights New Stride Product Family and Solutions for Building Patient Trust and Practice Success at EUHA 2015

Unitron Brings New Platform, Product Families and Unique Solutions to Its International Partner Community

Unitron Accelerates Brand Growth in French Market, Naming New General Manager, Unitron France

Unitron and Customers Explore a Changing Hearing Industry Landscape

Stride™ Leads the Way in Patient-Centric Design

New Leadership for Unitron Canada - Jake Haycock Named General Manager

Unitron Appoints New Global Head of Customer Experience to Advance Its Customer Experience Strategy

Unitron Appoints Global Director of In-clinic Success

Unitron Draws Rave Reviews for "Unprecedented Listening Experience" at AudiologyNOW! 2015

Unitron Appoints New President of Unitron US

AudiologyNOW! 2015: Unitron Unveils New North Platform with Industry-First Technologies to Advance In-Clinic Success

North Brings Patients Closer to Natural Hearing and Addresses Number-One Desire: Understanding Conversations in a Wide Range of Situations

New Hearing App Breaks Down Barriers to Healthy Hearing

Unitron and City University of New York (CUNY) Partner to Help Physicians Better Screen Patients for Hearing Loss


Helping Patients Find Their Stride
Bill Christman, AuD

Keys to In-Clinic Success: Introduction to Solution-Focused Interviewing
Brian Taylor, AuD

Unitron Practice Development Series: How to Become a Pillar in Your Community - Knowledge Based Marketing Tactics
Brian Taylor, AuD

In-Clinic Success: Using Trust to Create Advocates in a World of Skeptics
Brian Taylor, AuD

Ideas into Action: Unbundling Services and Individualizing Patient Care
Brian Taylor, AuD

The Five Key Drivers of Customer Intimacy in Hearing Care
Brian Taylor, AuD

Collaborative Corporate Initiatives that Drive Consumers to Audiology Care
Brian Taylor, AuD, David Smriga

Unitron Practice Development Series: Myths about the Hearing Aid Market
Amyn M. Amlani, PhD

Value-based Pricing Strategies: How to Signal Quality in Your Marketplace
Brian Taylor, AuD

Unitron Professional Development Series: Fit to Optimize Audibility or Patient Preference? A Review of the Evidence
Brian Taylor, AuD

Constructing a Hearing Aid Fitting Using the Latest Clinical Evidence
Brian Taylor, AuD

Modernizing Your Practice in Uncertain Economic Times Part 1: Promotion, Arrival and the Reception Area
Brian Taylor, AuD

Unitron Practice Development Series - Measuring Your Way to Success: How Key Performance Indicators Can Help You Reach Your Business Goals
Pam Pech, Mark DeRuiter

Unitron Business Accelerator Series: Beyond Basic Financial Statements (Part 3)
Jeremy Kiecker

Unitron Business Accelerator Series: Financial Statements in Depth - How to Read and Analyze (Part 2)
Jeremy Kiecker

Unitron Business Accelerator Series: Achieving Financial Management Peace of Mind in Your Business (Part 1)
Jeremy Kiecker

Prioritizing and Planning in Your Practice
Brian Taylor, AuD

Measuring Quality in Your Practice: First Rate Clinical Practices = Unsurpassed Business Success
Brian Taylor, AuD

A Practical Guide to CROS/BiCROS Fittings
Donald Hayes, PhD

Multiple Processing Strategies to Accommodate Various Listening Preferences
Donald Hayes, PhD

Ask the Expert

What are the Key Features of Unitron's North Hearing Instrument Platform?
Bruce Brown

What is Unitron's Focus in Terms of New Technology Development?
Jan Metzdorff

How can I Provide Hearing Aid Upgrades to my Patients after Purchase?
Rodney Schutt

How Can I Fit More Patients on the First Appointment?
Rodney Schutt

Getting Testimonials from Patients
Brian Taylor, AuD

Testing the Frail, Elderly Patient
Brian Taylor, AuD

Transcranial BICROS
Donald Hayes, PhD

Headband Options for Bone Conduction Aids
Sheila Douglas

Probe Mic Measures with TM Perforation
Donald Hayes, PhD

Occlusion Effect
Donald Hayes, PhD


Improved Insights Enable a Better Patient Experience
Donald Hayes, PhD, Chris McIntyre

Unitron Launches Stride Custom Products: High-Performance, Feature-Rich ITEs in a Smaller Package
Chue Yang

Using Unitron Flex and Log It All in My Audiology Practice
Bill Diles

New Leadership and Strategic Direction for Unitron US
Mike Dittmann

Unitron's In-clinic Focus Helps Practices Thrive in the Changing Marketplace
Steve Eagon

Unitron Focuses on the Patient Experience and Provider-Patient Relationship, with Solutions to Empower and Inform
Bruce Brown, Jason Mayer

Patient and Practice Growth Take Center Stage at Unitron
Jan Metzdorff

Unitron Celebrates 50 Years – A Look at its History and What’s Next
Jan Metzdorff

New Products and Practice Development Opportunities from Unitron
Steve Savage, Jason Mayer

New Leadership at Unitron US!
Steve Savage, Jason Mayer

Interview with Unitron’s Global President and US President on the New Flex Business Solution
Jan Metzdorff, Rodney Schutt

Interview with Jan Metzdorff, President, and Don Hayes, Ph.D., Director of Audiology, Unitron
Jan Metzdorff, Donald Hayes, PhD

Interview with Donald Hayes, Ph.D., Director of Audiology, Unitron
Donald Hayes, PhD

Interview with Michael Tease, President & CEO, Unitron
Michael Tease

Interview with Eric Sumner, Vice President of Sales, Unitron US
Eric Sumner

Interview with Bill Christman, Product Manager, Unitron
Bill Christman, MA, CCC-A

Interview with Cameron Hay, President & CEO, Unitron
Cameron Hay

Interview with John Luna, Vice President of Sales, Unitron
John Luna

Interview with Bill Christman, Product Manager, Unitron
Bill Christman, MA, CCC-A

Interview with Don Hayes, Ph.D., Director of Audiology, Unitron
Donald Hayes, PhD

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