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How Can I Access the COSI and APHAB Questionnaires in Noah?

Ann Monnens

August 26, 2013



How can I access the COSI and APHAB questionnaires in Noah?


Open the Questionnaire Module, which is automatically installed with Noah System.

The Questionnaire Module can be opened in Noah by clicking on its button in the module bar. Remember, you must select a patient first before opening the module.

The Questionnaire module lets you open either the COSI or APHAB questionnaires in a variety of support languages.

Within the next year, HIMSA plans on releasing a redesigned Questionnaire module to match Noah System 4 features and functionality. More important, the new version will also include a third option: an IOI-HA questionnaire.  Stay tuned to HIMSA News for more information!

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Ann Monnens

Suppport Specialist, HIMSA