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Can Professionals Have an Impact on the Availability of New Rechargeable Hearing Aid Solutions?

Ross Dueber, PhD

November 17, 2014



Can professionals have an impact on the availability of new rechargeable hearing aid solutions, or do we just sit back and wait?


Ross Dueber:  Hearing care professionals can absolutely have an impact on bringing new rechargeable solutions to market.  There are benefits of rechargeable solutions in three key areas – better performance, better for patients and professionals, and better for the planet.

Professionals should ask their manufacturers for solutions with ZPower batteries. Hearing care professionals can play a significant part in advancing technology forward.  They should not just wait for solutions to become available, but they can help create a pull to bring the technology into the market.

We continue to see a general decline in disposable batteries across the board with all applications, with replacement by rechargeables.  We’re very excited to bring ZPower to the hearing aid market to power the future of hearing technology.

For more information, please visit or the ZPower Expo Page on AudiologyOnline.

ross dueber

Ross Dueber, PhD

President, Chief Executive Office and Director, ZPower

Ross Dueber, PhD, is President, Chief Executive Office and Director of ZPower.

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