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Does TIMS Practice Management Software Support EMR?

Tom Robbins

March 17, 2014



We are looking at practice management software for our dispensing practice.  Does TIMS support EMR?


Yes, TIMS is a complete electronic medical record. We store all the data in the customer’s location. We only need Internet connectivity to synchronize data between different locations, or traveling devices such as laptops. We are also fully independent, in that we do not have a relationship with a hearing aid manufacturer, meaning – we do not share our customers’ data.

One of the big issues practices face is the need to communicate with other electronic medical record systems.  

TIMS has had an HL7 interface for several years, and that allows us to communicate with those large hospital systems, ENT systems, or any other electronic medical record systems. The HL7 interface allows the clinic to run autonomously on TIMS and share information bidirectionally between TIMS and the legacy systems to ensure that the EMR systems are kept up-to-date.

This is a real time-saving functionality for organizations. Instead of requiring two or three separate applications to document an interaction, we can now accomplish it within TIMS and provide the data to all of the hospital systems. 

Thank you for your interest.  

For more information about TIMS, please visit or the TIMS Expo Page on AudiologyOnline.

tom robbins

Tom Robbins

Senior Manager of Audiology Business Development, TIMS

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