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Getting the Most out of LACE

Kevin Lindemann

October 22, 2012



Is there any way to better incorporate the LACE (Listening and Communication Enhancement) rehabilitation program into my office, or do I have to refer patients directly online to purchase it?


LACE® Online listening software retrains the brain to comprehend speech up to 40% better in the most difficult listening situations. LACE® works on the premise that everyone can learn to be a better listener, and that people with hearing loss can develop skills and strategies for dealing with challenging situations.

Sycle is the only patient management system that has integration with LACE®. Over the last year, we developed the Sycle LACE® Online integration to update the old model of distribution with DVDs and disks. At the clinic level, it may have been difficult to determine which patients would have access to LACE® because you had to purchase a supply of disks. Now, they have an online all-you-can-eat model that is completely integrated with Sycle.

The other previous issue with LACE® was compliance. If you sent the patients home with discs, how did you know if they completed them? Did they do 5 lessons or all 11? Now, with the online version we can see exactly what the patient completed. That means you can deliver greater benefits to your patients with less effort – and cut your equipment return rates by 50% or more. The patient gets a code and they can log in online. Then it updates in Sycle so you can see the compliance rate.

Studies have indicated that using LACE® lowers the likelihood of a return. Now, we can measure that in Sycle since we can produce a report for the clinic that indicates the return rate for patients who used LACE® versus the return rate of those who didn’t. We can show the lost revenue from returns and the revenue saved from a lower return rate. We think that clinics will find the numbers very helpful to their businesses.

More information about can be found at or on the Sycle Expo Page on AudiologyOnline.

Kevin Lindemann

Kevin Lindemann is one of’s original team members and now serves as Executive Director, Global Product Management. Kevin focuses on working with customers of business models ranging from 1 to 1,000 locations, and on improving current products while designing and implementing new ones. From basic use to advanced business intelligence data, his primary mission as a web application expert is to ensure that customers have the best possible experience while using every element of our product suite. Kevin holds a business degree from the University of San Francisco.

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