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How do I Select the Best Microphone Option for the Comfort Digisystem?

Michelle Mattingly, AuD, CCC-A

January 6, 2014



Can you help me select the best microphone option for the Comfort Digisystem for my student?


When team teaching using the Comfort Digisystem from Comfort Audio, what is the delay time of the companion mic to the receiver worn by a child?

The delay time is quite low because we use digital transmission.  It takes less than 3 milliseconds, so there is essentially no noticeable delay.  Because the signal is digital in to digital out, we do not have to convert signals back and forth, so we do not lose any transmission time.

Can you use the DM30 microphone with the other receivers?

Yes.  Many patients use the DM30 with our ear-level receiver, the DT20, or our legacy product, the DT10.  They are all still compatible.  Our Digisystem can be utilized back and forth. 

What is the transmission range from the Comfort Digisystem microphones to receivers?

When you are utilizing the full-range microphones, DM10 or DC10, the distance is 100 feet.  When you are utilizing the very small DM05 to our ear-level receivers that do have a smaller antenna built inside, it is a 50-feet transmission range.  Most transmission ranges are 100 feet, especially as you go from a transmitter to a receiver that has a larger internal antenna.  Those ranges do depend on the interference that may exist inside the classroom, as well.

How many microphones can be added to a system?

You can use up to 12 different microphones with one Comfort Digisystem.

Why is the transmission not disturbed when you have so many microphones?

Because we are using digital SecureStream Technology, we can space out our channels so they are not overlapping.  This is why the push-to-talk functionality works so well. 

Which microphone would you recommend for multiple students wearing micro-receivers?

I would recommend using the DM10 microphone.  This is a suitable option for multiple students in a classroom setting.  The DM10 is a versatile microphone that transmits over a 100-feet range.  This microphone gives you a 10-hour talk time to make it easily through the day. 

These questions and answers were taken from the Comfort Audio course, Why DM/FM?  Register here to view the course in its entirety. For more information about Comfort Audio, visit or the Comfort Audio Expo Page on AudiologyOnline.

Michelle Mattingly, AuD, CCC-A

Director of Training and Education

Dr. Mattingly received her Bachelor of Science degree from Northern Illinois University, Master of Science degree from Illinois State University, and her Doctorate in Audiology from A.T. Still University.  She is certified by the American Speech Language and Hearing Association, and currently holds her Illinois State Audiology License.  Dr. Mattingly began her career at a not-for-profit clinic where she was a clinical and educational audiologist working with hearing impaired patients ranging in ages from 3 months to 101 years young.  Her duties included diagnosing and remediating hearing loss, conducting aural rehabilitation with her patients, providing educational audiology support including fitting and maintain of FM systems, as well as testing and diagnosing Central Auditory Processing Disorders.  Dr. Mattingly then moved to work at one of the largest hearing instrument manufacturers where she conducted technical support for advanced hearing instrument fittings.  She was then quickly promoted to customer training where she traveled around the country training other audiologists and hearing health care professionals on the advances in the hearing instrument technology and testing procedures. As a member of the training team, Dr. Mattingly conducted clinical trials with new hearing instrument technologies and published and presented her work at numerous audiology conferences.  Dr. Mattingly currently is the educational and training audiologist with Comfort Audio, INC, where she trains customers and staff as well as trouble shoots advance digital modulation systems.

Dr. Mattingly, her husband Kevin and their two young children live in Volo, IL where they love spending time outdoors, traveling and playing and watching sports. Dr. Mattingly is involved in FORCE, a Breast and Ovarian Cancer Fundraising and Educational Organization.

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