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How Long Will Silver Zinc Rechargeable Batteries Last, and How Are they Charged?

Barry A. Freeman, PhD

April 6, 2015



I'm interested in the new ZPower rechargeable solution for hearing aids.  How long will the silver zinc rechargeable batteries last, and will the patient need to remove the batteries from their hearing aids to recharge them?


One silver-zinc rechargeable battery will last a full year, and one will take the place of about 50 zinc-air batteries.  So for every 100 disposable batteries used annually by a binaural patient, all you need are two silver zinc rechargeable.  From the audiologist’s standpoint, in terms of a value proposition, the patient will have to come back to that practice at least once a year to get replacement batteries.

The ZPower rechargeable battery never has to be removed from the hearing aid, which makes the rechargeable solution really convenient for the patient.  We know that many of our patients have dexterity problems and vision problems, and now they no longer have to be opening and closing the battery door. The battery stays in the instrument for a year.  You never have to take it out.  You don’t have to carry spare batteries.  The hearing aid is just going to work.  Just drop it in our charger at night, and put it on in the morning.  So it’s pretty exciting.  That’s the value of rechargeability.

From the environmental standpoint, we’ve been recognized as a green company.  It’s estimated that about 1.4 to 1.5 billion zinc air batteries go to the landfill every year.  In contrast, the ZPower silver-zinc rechargeable battery is fully recyclable and we’re implementing a recycling program for these batteries.

Finally, there’s the reliability factor. You don’t have to be opening and closing those battery doors.  As you know, it’s not uncommon to have to change battery doors because patients sometimes damage battery doors for any number of reasons such as putting the batteries in upside down.

It’s a win-win for patients and for professionals.  No more lost revenue stream, no more counseling about battery changes, no more battery inventory, etc.

Thanks for your interest.  

This Ask the Expert is an excerpt from an AudiologyOnline interview with Dr. Freeman on this topic.  Read the full interview here.  For more information on ZPower's new rechargeable solution for hearing aids, please visit  You can also learn more at the ZPower Expo Page on AudiologyOnline.

barry a freeman

Barry A. Freeman, PhD

Vice President of Business Development, ZPower

Dr. Freeman is Vice President of Business Development at ZPower.

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