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New Search Capability with Noah 4

Scott Peterson

January 9, 2012



I've heard Noah 4 has a better search utility than Noah 3. How does it work?


Searching for patients has always been quite easy with Noah - just type in a first name or a last name and the software filters the database as the search results come up. As you indicated, with Noah 4 you can do more fine-tuned searches, for example on patient activity.

For example, one search might be, "Show me a list of patients that I have not seen in two years or more." Maybe you've lost contact with some of them, or maybe you want to find candidates for a new hearing instrument on the market.

I've also had professionals tell me they'll do a search such as "Show me a list of patients I saw this past week." Maybe it's Friday and they want to review the patients that they had seen during the week for reporting purposes, or to finish entering journal notes, etc.

We have a great new search ability for serial numbers for hearing instruments. It's pretty common in hearing care practices that an instrument is found sitting on a desk and we're not sure who it belongs to. Now, you can just type the serial number in to Noah 4 and whichever patient that hearing aid belongs to will pop up.

You can also search by hearing loss. You can define your own profile with a minimum and maximum range for air conduction and/or bone conduction, and then Noah 4 will search the latest audiogram from each patient record to find out which patients meet that profile. From there you can export the search results in a CSV file format and open it in Excel. This can be used, for example, when a manufacturer comes out with an instrument that is geared for a certain profile loss, you can run through your patient database and see who meets the criteria.

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Scott Peterson is Vice President of New Product Development and Technical Support at HIMSA. He has been with HIMSA for 15 years in a variety of roles. In his current position he is responsible for U.S. operations, as well involved with new product design and development.

Scott Peterson

Vice President of New Product Development and Technical Support, HIMSA