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Patient Retention Requires Repeat Communication

Kathy Foltner

April 23, 2007



What kinds of communication do you recommend with existing patients?


It is far less expensive to maintain a relationship with current patients than it is to generate new patients. Your marketing plan should detail how you will maintain visibility and contact with current patients over the following year. At a minimum, patients should receive something from your office quarterly, although market research suggests that current patients should have contact with your office 12 to 16 time a year! Contacts include phone calls, cards, appointments, newsletters, personalized letters, mailers, etc. Marketing will be far more effective and less costly for those professionals who develop and maintain an accurate database of current patients.

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Kathy Foltner, AuD, is CEO of AuDNet, Inc. She also teaches courses in Practice Management and Basic Business at Rush University Medical Center and PCO. Dr. Foltner can be reached at or 312-593-1787.

Kathy Foltner

CEO of AuDNet, Inc.

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