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Sonic Innovations Touch: FAQs

Erin Reichert, MS, CCC-A

June 21, 2010



I know there are multiple parts to Sonic Innovations' Touch instrument. When I place an order, what do I need to know to get everything I need?


ANSWER: There are 4 components to placing an order for a Touch instrument. First, there is the base color - you have 5 options: white, black, beige, light gray and dark gray. Next, select your color clip - there are 15 options: pure, sterling, slate, satin, penny, cocoa, tuxedo, twilight, daredevil, blush, tutu, surf, lucky, citrus, and sunny. The next 2 parts are completely dependent on your patient anatomy - the length of their receiver assembly (you can use the same measuring tool you use for ion and Velocity miniBTE devices) and the dome selection. There are multiple sizes/styles of domes offered for the Touch instruments. Contact Customer Care for a complete list of options (888.423.7834).

QUESTION: What is the most important thing to remember when fitting a Sonic Innovations' Touch hearing instrument?

ANSWER: The absolute most important thing to remember when fitting a Touch hearing instrument is to match the dome physically attached to the hearing aid to how it's configured within EXPRESSfit. When you enter the Fit Hearing Aid screen, the Aid Info tab is automatically selected and you are prompted to select the Dome Type attached to the patient's Touch device.

QUESTION: I have a patient who has worn hearing instruments in the past and always struggled with sharp sounds. Any special suggestions to help with this patient? She loves the sound quality of Sonic Innovations' Touch but cupboards closing or dishes clanking can be too sharp.

ANSWER: First, make sure you set the Fitting Level appropriately for your patient on their initial visit. To do this, have your patient crinkle a piece of paper, then ask them if the paper sounds the way it feels. If it does, increase the Fitting Level. Keep doing this until the patient says the paper sounds more like plastic or foil, then decrease one Fitting Level. If the patient still complains of this problem on a follow-up visit, decrease the gain on the "9" curve at 1000 Hz and 1500 Hz by 2 dB. If it's close by not quite perfect, try the same adjustment on the "5" curve. If your patient continues to struggle with this problem please contact our Technical Support Team for further assistance at 888.423.7834.

QUESTION: How do you disconnect the receiver assembly from the Sonic Innovations' Touch device?

ANSWER: Just give it a gentle tug - hook your finger through the bend nearest the Touch body and pull. We designed Touch to have a snug connection between the body and receiver unit to prevent them from coming apart during use. We also designed Touch to be sturdy enough to remove the receiver unit with a good tug, so tug away!

For more information, please visit or the Sonic Innovations Web Channel on AudiologyOnline.

Erin Reichert, M.S., CCC-A, is the Manager of Audiology & Technical Support at Sonic Innovations where she manages a team that provides hearing instrument product selection, fitting and software support for professionals. Prior to coming to Sonic Innovations, Erin worked in a private practice serving south eastern Minnesota. She earned her Master's degree in Audiology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Erin Reichert, MS, CCC-A

Manager of Audiology/Technical Support, Sonic Innovations

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