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Sonic Innovations Velocity: FAQs

Erin Reichert, MS, CCC-A

August 30, 2010



Can I program my Velocity hearing instruments thru the HI-PRO box?


ANSWER: We do not advise the Velocity family of hearing instruments to be programmed through the HI-PRO box. There is a large amount of data transmitted when programming and the HI-PRO just can't keep up with this data exchange. We recommend either EXPRESSlink or NOAHlink when programming any of our hearing instruments.

QUESTION: When do I know to use a thin tube configuration or an ear hook design for
a Sonic Innovations' Velocity miniBTE model?

ANSWER: This primarily depends on your patient's hearing loss. You can use the Select Hearing Aid screen in the EXPRESSfit Fitting System to aid you in this decision. The Select Hearing Aid screen displays the fitting range for the attached device (or the selected device if you are using EXPRESSfit in Simulation Mode) in conjunction with the patient's air conduction thresholds. To see the effect of a thin tube or ear hook configuration, use the Edit Hearing Aid Options button at the bottom of the screen, then change the Ear hook Type setting. The fitting range will update to reflect the selection. As long as the patient's threshold values fall within the shaded region - the device fitting range - the configuration will be a good fit for your patient.

QUESTION: I have a child with a hearing loss of 75dB. What is the best Sonic Innovations' Velocity model for her?

ANSWER: The Velocity miniBTE is the smallest, fully featured hearing instrument on the market, and has great features for the pediatric patient - battery compartment lock, configurable DAI programs, auto-engage DAI program, volume control, and push button programming.

QUESTION: I have a patient who had a Sonic Innovations' Natura 2SE and LOVED IT! I've finally convinced the patient to get new hearing aids and we're going with Velocities. Any special tips?

ANSWER: For patients that loved their previous Natura 2SE fitting, you'll want to set up
their new Velocity devices to allow the patient to capitalize on their previous Natura 2SE successes. Since they are accustomed to only having Omni and Directional programs, give the patient a Quiet and Noise program. Next, set Expansion to the Fixed setting (if using a Velocity 6 or Velocity 4, set Expansion to the On setting). These two adjustments will provide a great starting point for patients transitioning from their Natura 2SE instruments to their new Velocity devices. After they become accustomed to the way Velocity sounds in this configuration, go ahead and add more programs if desired and try the Gain Dependent Expansion setting (Velocity 24 and Velocity 12 only).

For more information, please visit or the Sonic Innovations web channel on Audiology Online.

Erin Reichert, M.S., CCC-A, is the Manager of Audiology & Technical Support at Sonic Innovations where she manages a team that provides hearing instrument product selection, fitting and software support for professionals. Prior to coming to Sonic Innovations, Erin worked in a private practice serving south eastern Minnesota. She earned her Master's degree in Audiology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Erin Reichert, MS, CCC-A

Manager of Audiology/Technical Support, Sonic Innovations

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