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Sonic's New miniRIC - Flip

Erin Reichert, MS, CCC-A

February 13, 2012



I hear Sonic has introduced a new miniRIC device. Can you tell me about it?


Certainly! Yes, Sonic has welcomed a new miniRIC, Flip to our product line-up. Flip is perceptibly compact—yet surprisingly full of the features patients want most: simple operation, wireless connectivity, and a size that's stylishly discreet.

All with the outstanding sound quality Sonic is known for:

  • Speech Variable Processing
  • Speech Priority Noise Reduction Algorithm
  • New Adaptive Feedback Manager
  • Small Size, Big Battery (size 13 battery in a footprint similar to 312 RIC products)
  • Small Size, Rich Mechanical Feature Set (Push Button, VC, Phone Coil, Wireless)
  • Full line of wireless connectivity accessories
We also will have a power receiver available that we expect to fit an 85 dB HL to 90 dB HL loss in the spring of 2012!

Question: I know Sonic has always focused on Noise Reduction. Do you still focus on that in Flip?

Answer: Flip is the quintessential Sonic product. As part of our 4S Foundation, we are committed to focusing on "Speech Understanding in Noise" for all our products. Because of the speed of our new processing platform, we have been able take our noise reduction strategies to the next level with our Speech Priority Noise Reduction. We've increased the rate of noise identification and signal-to-noise monitoring, resulting in more accurate application of noise reduction than ever before.

Question: If I have a receiver kit that I used with Sonic's Touch product, can I use it with the Flip device?

Answer: Yes! It's very convenient for customers that already have a Sonic RIC fitting kit - no need to inventory yet another kit. On of the tenants of our 4S Foundation is "Simplicity in Everything We Do", so we wanted to reduce the number of kits offices need to stock.

For more information about Sonic, visit or the Sonic web channel on AudiologyOnline.

Erin Reichert joined Sonic Innovations in 2006. Prior to her position as Manager of Audiology Services in March 2011, Erin managed and was part of the Audiology & Technical Support Team. The Audiology Services teams are an integral part of Sonic Innovations providing training, hearing instrument product selection, fitting and software support for professionals. Prior to coming to Sonic Innovations, Erin worked in a private practice serving south-eastern Minnesota. She earned her Master's degree in Audiology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Erin Reichert, MS, CCC-A

Manager of Audiology/Technical Support, Sonic Innovations

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