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Spontaneous Nystagmus

Charles W. Stockwell, PhD

November 25, 2002



I would like to ask about the diagnosis of spontaneous nystagmus through ENG tests: the idea behind it, as well as what's the implication of the diagnosis: what does it tell us if the results are positive? Are negative?


Spontaneous nystagmus indicates a static asymmetry in the horizontal vestibulo-ocular system. It is abnormal if nystagmus slow phase velocities are greater than about 6 deg/sec with vision denied and denotes vestibular dysfunction, either peripheral or central.


Charles W. Stockwell, Ph.D., is president of Charles W. Stockwell & Associates. His professional career spans academia and clinical practice. Dr. Stockwell has written two books, Manual of Electronystagmography and ENG Workbook, as well as a number of book chapters and scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals.

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Charles W. Stockwell, PhD

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