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What Changes have You Seen with RIC Technology Since 2003?

Paul Jackson

October 21, 2013



Since pioneering RIC technology in 2003, what changes or trends have you seen with the technology?


Several US customers have reached out to us with a need for a private labeled product to help them differentiate themselves in a tough market climate. We have seen a need and a demand for our products in other countries as well, which was part of the reason for developing the Intro and our Easy-CLICK coupler. That has really opened up some opportunities that we now have as a manufacturer, so we are currently seeking distributors and partners for OEM opportunities.  Of course we have several products that are SeboTek branded as well.  We are now in a position to extend our technology in far more countries than we already have a presence in. 

For distributors in other countries as well as OEM partners, we also have released with HD2 a new BTE line and faceplate assemblies or kits, which are also nano-treated.

Thank you for your interest in SeboTek HD2 hearing aids. For more information, lease contact us at 1-800-388-9041, via email to or via our website, or the SeboTek Expo Page on AudiologyOnline.

Editor’s note: This Ask the Expert was taken from the recent interview with SeboTek on AudiologyOnline. The full interview can be accessed here.

paul jackson

Paul Jackson

Along with Charley Feeley, Paul Jackson is Corporate Marketing & Sales Operation Manager at Sebotek Hearing Systems.

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