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What is Rayovac's Active Core Technology?

Sam Peterson, Denis Carpenter

November 12, 2018



What is Active Core Technology? How has it helped achieve longer life in your batteries?


Active Core Technology is our newest and most advanced generation of hearing aid battery technology. It is comprised of a series of innovations we made to achieve longer battery life. We optimized the can of the battery to be able to fit more critical ingredients in the battery to give users that longer life. We improved the anode to ensure quality performance and steady voltage throughout the life of the battery. This helps eliminate low voltage beeps that users sometimes received before the battery was actually dead. Lastly, we have improved the battery seal to provide cell stability in extreme environmental conditions. This new technology is the perfect complement to our new packaging. Our number one priority when innovating was to prolong battery life because from our research we learned that hearing aid users ranked battery life as the MOST important factor when choosing hearing aid batteries. This led us to develop Active Core Technology, which gives users up to two days longer battery life than our previous formulation. With ACT we have developed our longest-lasting hearing aid battery yet.

sam peterson

Sam Peterson

Associate Marketing Manager, Rayovac

Sam Peterson has been with Rayovac for over a year as the Associate Marketing Manager of Professional Hearing Aid Batteries. Sam has an extensive background in product marketing. Sam received his bachelors in Organizational Communication from Viterbo University.

denis carpenter

Denis Carpenter

Director Zinc Air Product and OEM Liaison, Rayovac

Denis Carpenter has been with Rayovac for more than 30 years and was on the original zinc air development team. Denis has held a position on the International Electro-technical Commission (IEC) committee since 1999 and is also a member of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) committee.  In 2008 Denis was recognized by the IEC, celebrating his career-long contribution to improvements in hearing aid battery technology and his ‘exceptional’ work towards international standardization in electro-technology.  He earned his BS in Chemistry at the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse.

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