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What Makes Groove Different from Other Sonic Innovations CICs?

Erin Reichert, MS, CCC-A

August 1, 2011



What makes Groove different from other Sonic Innovations custom CICs?


Groove is a microCIC that fits into the second bend of the ear canal. The deep, discreet fit makes Groove outta sight.

Question: Who can wear Groove?

Answer: Patients who have a hearing loss up to 70 dbHL and have good dexterity are candidates for Groove. Groove is incredibly small and uses a size 10 battery so someone with tactile issues may find it difficult to handle. Like all hearing aids, battling wax is an ongoing challenge. Patients who produce excess cerumen may benefit from an additional microphone hood.

Question: I've heard that you need a super long impression. How deep of an impression is needed for Groove?

Answer: The impression should have a clear definition of the second bend. In addition, the canal height and width must also be large enough to accommodate the faceplate. We have developed a tool that can measure the impression right after it's taken so you'll know immediately if your patient is a candidate.

Question: What features are in Groove to help my patient with difficult listening situations?

Answer: In addition to 24-channel Sonic Sound TM, there are four levels of clinically-proven adaptive noise reduction to improve speech understanding in noise, and three levels of Expansion to keep quiet sounds quiet. The combination of these features will have your patients hearing well in a variety of situations.

Erin Reichert joined Sonic Innovations in 2006. Prior to her position as Manager of Audiology Services in March 2011, Erin managed and was part of the Audiology & Technical Support Team. The Audiology Services teams are an integral part of Sonic Innovations providing training, hearing instrument product selection, fitting and software support for professionals. Prior to coming to Sonic Innovations, Erin worked in a private practice serving south-eastern Minnesota. She earned her Master's degree in Audiology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Erin Reichert, MS, CCC-A

Manager of Audiology/Technical Support, Sonic Innovations

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