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What Makes TIMS Audiology Software Unique?

Jerod Schaefer

September 14, 2015



What makes TIMS unique?  Why should someone who is considering new software, consider TIMS?


TIMS Audiology software is the most versatile audiology software on the market, and the most complete.  We can do everything from scheduling the initial appointment and intake, all the way through finalizing the claim and the adjudication, within one software system.  You don’t have to have three different systems to try to get this to work.  There’s no importing or exporting of the data.  It all happens within one integrated solution.

Also, because we are not a cloud-based system we have the ability to move much faster.  We provide instant access to data regardless of whether or not you have an Internet connection.  There’s no worrying about the Internet server going down, or a service interruption bringing down your system.  We’ve been using the cloud well before it was called the cloud.  We’ve been using the Internet to synchronize data across locations and with mobile clients for years.  I like to say that we do the cloud right, because we don’t rely on it for everyday activities.  Instead, we utilize the cloud to make sure the data is synchronized across all locations.

This Ask the Expert is an excerpt from a full interview on the topic of TIMS Audiology Software Version 6.  Read the full interview here.  Learn more about TIMS Audiology Software on the TIMS Audiology Software Expo Page on AudiologyOnline.

jerod schaefer

Jerod Schaefer

Jerod Schaefer is a Business Solutions Specialist in Audiology Sales for TIMS Audiology Software at Computer Unlimited.

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