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Sonic Radiant - January 2021

What Wireless Accessories and Apps Work With Sonic Radiant Hearing Aids?

Scott Bunnell, AuD

June 27, 2022



What wireless accessories and apps work with Sonic RadiantTM hearing aids?


Radiant hearing aids can connect to the following 2.4 GHz Bluetooth® Low Energy accessories from Sonic: our TV-A Adapter, which is a wireless transmitter of sound from a television to hearing aids; our RC-A remote control, for simple volume adjustments and program changes of the hearing aid; and our SoundClip-A, a wireless receiver and transmitter of sound which acts as a remote microphone, remote control, audio streamer, and allows hands-free calls from AndroidTM smartphones. 

Regarding apps, Sonic currently offers two. One is for remote control functionality, and the other is for remote fitting.

First, our SoundLink 2 app allows users to easily and discreetly change listening programs or adjust volume, providing the option to adjust the right and left sides independently or together. The app includes a streaming equalizer to modify low, mid and high sounds when streaming audio, calls or music. Patients who have a hearing aid program with Tinnitus SoundSupport can adjust the level and pitch of the tinnitus sounds and vary the modulation if needed. Beyond these sound functions, the app can even locate lost or misplaced hearing aids via the “Find My Hearing Aid” feature and connect Radiant devices to the Internet of Things with the If This Then That (IFTTT) service.

And second, our SoundLink Connect app allows patients to receive hearing aid adjustments virtually, so they don’t need to travel to the clinic for an in-person appointment.

You can find both apps on the App Store and on Google Play, and both apps are also available on most iPhone®, iPad® and Android devices. For information on compatibility, please visit

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scott bunnell

Scott Bunnell, AuD

Senior Global Product Manager

Scott Bunnell is the Senior Global Product Manager at Sonic and is responsible for the management of all products offered in the US, including participation in the product launch process, product training, marketing and day to day support.  Scott received his Master’s degree in Audiology from the University of Minnesota and his Audiology Doctorate from the University of Florida. Prior to coming to Sonic he worked clinically in a hospital setting specializing in amplification and vestibular testing.  

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