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Will I Lose Revenue on Battery Sales if I Move to Rechargeable Solutions?

Barry A. Freeman, PhD

June 15, 2015



My patients are asking for rechargeable technology in their hearing aids, but won’t I lose revenue on battery sales if I move to rechargeable solutions?


Today, about 80 percent of patients are purchasing batteries outside of a dispensing practice.  Historically, batteries may have been a source of profit for practices but it’s just not true anymore. At ZPower, we just finished a survey conducted at both IHS and ADA, as well as online, and we found that 56 percent of practices are currently giving away a one year supply of batteries – sometimes more. It’s the only way they can keep their patients coming into the office.  Otherwise, the patient will purchase the hearing aid and then go to a big-box store or online to buy batteries.  Based on these figures, I estimated that more than 100M free batteries are given away - every single year.  

For information on how you can offer rechargeability to your hearing aid patients with ZPower's new solution, please visit

This Ask the Expert is an excerpt of an AudiologyOnline interview with Dr. Freeman on this topic.  Read the full interview here.  

barry a freeman

Barry A. Freeman, PhD

Vice President of Business Development, ZPower

Dr. Freeman is Vice President of Business Development at ZPower.

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