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1.  The Listening Room is an ______ resource for listeners of all ages.
  1. Online rehabilitative website
  2. Online forum
  3. Published book
  4. Therapy center
2.  The Listening Room is designed for:
  1. People with cochlear implants
  2. People with hearing aids
  3. People with profound hearing loss
  4. All listeners no matter what degree of hearing loss
3.  The four areas of the Listening room are:
  1. Professionals, Consumers, Parents, Children
  2. Phonak, Advanced Bionics, Hearing Journey, Musical Atmospheres
  3. Dashboard, My Lessons, Community, News
  4. Advanced Bionics, Phonak, Hearing Journey, Children
4.  Age group Filters include which of the following?
  1. Infants and Toddlers
  2. Preschool and school aged
  3. Teens and Adults
  4. Infants, Toddlers, Preschool, School Aged, Teenager, Adult
5.  Resources are available in which languages?
  1. Spanish
  2. English now, Spanish will be coming soon
  3. Globally
  4. English, Spanish, French
6.  The Listening Room activities were developed by:
  1. Audiologists and Teachers
  2. Deaf educators and parents
  3. Certified auditory verbal therapists and speech language pathologists
  4. Doctors and surgeons
7.  After registering for the Listening Room participants can connect with:
  1. Surgeon to receive recommended Lessons
  2. CI companies to receive recommended Lessons
  3. Auditory Neuropathy Spectrum Disorder Specialists to receive recommended Lessons
  4. Hearing Healthcare Provider to receive recommended Lessons
8.  Participants can view their Progress under which area?
  1. My Lessons
  2. Dashboard
  3. News
  4. Community
9.  Participants can connect with Advanced Bionics Hearing Journey online forum under which area?
  1. My Lessons
  2. Dashboard
  3. News
  4. Community
10.  Participants can learn about upcoming events and current CI information under which area?
  1. My Lessons
  2. Dashboard
  3. News
  4. Community

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