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Exam Preview

Infant ABR: Protocols, Diagnosis, and Intervention, presented in partnership with Cincinnati Children's

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1.  What frequencies are commonly used to fit a hearing aid off of ABR results?
  1. click, 2000 Hz, and 4000 Hz
  2. 2000 Hz, 1000 Hz, and 4000 Hz
  3. 500 Hz and clicks
  4. clicks, 500 Hz, and 1000 Hz
2.  What is the best age for follow up ABR after failed newborn hearing screening at birth hospital?
  1. ASAP
  2. Before 4 weeks of age
  3. 6-8 weeks of age
  4. it's really not that important to follow up
3.  When programming hearing aids off of ABR test results the Verifit system should reflect what thresholds?
  1. dB HL
  2. dB SPL
  3. it really doesn't matter what you select as long as it portrays a hearing loss
  4. dBeHL
4.  Why would you do an ABR on a child capable of doing a routine hearing test?
  1. because its fun
  2. to detect a functional hearing loss
  3. to identify retrocochlear pathology
  4. both b and c
5.  Wave V latency in a one month old is _____ compared to adult Wave V latencies?
  1. Shorter
  2. Longer
  3. Same time
  4. They don't have a wave V
6.  A method to help a baby sleep for an ABR test include:
  1. swaddling
  2. noisy toys
  3. direct eye contact
  4. bright lights
7.  What is the next step after identifying a sensorineural hearing loss?
  1. immediately fit with hearing aids
  2. refer to pediatrician
  3. referral to otolaryngologist and confirm hearing the hearing loss with follow-up testing
  4. Make earmold impressions before the baby wakes up
8.  If you are seeing elevated thresholds on ABR the next step is:
  1. Listening and placement check of earphone
  2. Obtain bone conduction thresholds
  3. Immediately start testing the other ear
  4. Obtain Otoacoustic Emissions test
9.  Correct bone oscillator placement is?
  1. Opposite ear that you are testing
  2. Directly below pinnae
  3. Behind pinnae on temporal bone
  4. Neck
10.  At what age do you need to mask for ABR?
  1. 4 weeks
  2. 4 months
  3. you never have to mask
  4. 4 days

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