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Exam Preview

AURICAL HIT Applications Part 1 - Applications for Hearing Instrument Fittings and Beyond

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1.  Verifying adaptive directionality is optimally done by using:
  1. Speech stimuli
  2. Pure tone sweeps
  3. Combined speech and noise signals
  4. Real Ear Unaided Response (REUR)
2.  Noise reduction effects should be verified:
  1. Instantaneously
  2. Using short bursts of noise
  3. After a time delay
  4. With feedback management disabled
3.  Optional gain and output verification is evaluated:
  1. Using Aided Response measurements
  2. Prior to feedback measurements
  3. With all advanced features disabled
  4. With hearing instrument set to ANSI/test mode
4.  HA1 Couplers are used for connecting:
  1. RITE hearing instruments
  2. ITE hearing instruments
  3. RIC hearing instruments
  4. All of the above
5.  HA2 Couplers are used for connecting:
  1. BTE hearing instruments
  2. ITE hearing instruments
  3. RIC hearing instruments
  4. RITE hearing instruments
6.  Battery drain tests are done at:
  1. User settings
  2. Reference test gain
  3. Full-on gain
  4. Telecoil program
7.  HIT measurements are useful for:
  1. Post-repair programming
  2. Electroacoustic measurements
  3. Directional microphone verification
  4. All of the above
8.  Electroacoustic analysis is optimally done with the device set to:
  1. manufacturer's test mode settings
  2. user settings
  3. maximum volume setting
  4. verification mode
9.  When fitting instruments using HIT box verification, the following fitting details(s) must be selected to generate the correct prescriptive targets:
  1. hearing instrument style
  2. venting
  3. earmold style
  4. all of the above
  5. a and b
10.  AURICAL includes the following options among the prescriptive target choices:
  1. NAL-NL2
  2. custom
  3. DSL v5.0
  4. All of the above

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