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Exam Preview

An Innovative and Cost Effective Approach to Wireless Remote Microphones in Schools

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1.  What aspects of classroom environments place hearing impaired students at a disadvantage?
  1. Distance to the sound of interest
  2. Reverberation and high background noise levels in classrooms
  3. Preferential seating
  4. A and B
2.  For which of the populations are HATs not recommended?
  1. Normal hearing children with no educational issues
  2. Children with hearing loss
  3. Children with auditory processing disorders
  4. Children learning English as a second language
3.  What technologies can be found in today's HATs?
  1. Wireless remote microphones
  2. FM and DM systems
  3. Adaptive gain increase at elevated background noise levels
  4. All of the above
4.  What is a commonly cited reason for not using HATs?
  1. "Social" reasons such as not wanting to be perceived as different from peers
  2. the color
  3. because they cannot be purchased by the student
  4. because the wires get tangled
5.  Even though students may recognize the benefits of HATs in the classroom, they may not use them outside the classroom because:
  1. They don't work outside of classrooms
  2. Fear of damaging or losing the equipment
  3. Lack of perceived benefit outside the classroom
  4. B and C
6.  What extra component is required by today's DM systems, such as the Phonak Roger?
  1. body-worn streamer
  2. cell phone
  3. AA battery
  4. receiver
7.  What ways can the Roger X receiver interface with ReSound wireless hearing aids?
  1. By attaching an audioshoe to each hearing aid and plugging a Roger X receiver into the Euro interface of each
  2. Via the integrated FM receiver in the battery door
  3. By plugging the Roger X into the Euro interface of the ReSound Multi Mic and streaming to the hearing aids
  4. A and C
8.  In what ways is using the Phonak Roger system with the ReSound Multi Mic not cost effective?
  1. One ReSound Multi Mic can stream to all ReSound wireless hearing aids within range, allowing many students to benefit at the same time
  2. All students wearing ReSound wireless hearing aids must have at least one Roger X receiver
  3. ReSound Multi Mic can conveniently be used by the student owner in many ways outside the classroom
  4. Only one Roger X receiver is needed to stream to both of a student's ReSound wireless hearing aids
9.  How should the devices be placed in the Otometrics Aurical HIT box to measure the adaptive gain feature of the Phonak Roger technology?
  1. Roger transmitter mic inside HIT box, hearing aid on external coupler
  2. Hearing aid inside HIT box, Roger transmitter mic worn by clinician
  3. Roger transmitter mic inside HIT box, hearing aid on desk outside HIT box
  4. Multi Mic inside HIT box, hearing aid and Roger transmitter mic on desk
10.  The adaptive gain feature can be validated to show an increase in gain of the signal from the Roger transmitter mic:
  1. When measured via a Phonak Sky hearing aid with integrated Roger receiver
  2. When measure via a ReSound wireless hearing aid that receives the streamed signal from the Multi Mic with a universal Roger X receiver attached
  3. Neither of the above
  4. Both A & B

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