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Preview of the University of Pittsburgh Teaching Vestibular Assessment and Rehabilitation across the Lifespan Conference

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1.  Course content and clinical experience in vestibular assessment is optional in an AuD curriculum according to:
  1. CAA
  2. ACAE
  3. Both ACAE and CAA
  4. Content and clinical experience are required by both ACAE and CAA
2.  The expectation is that students graduating from an accredited AuD program are able to practice:
  1. Across the scope of practice.
  2. In their area of interest only.
  3. In areas of hearing assessment and management only.
  4. In the areas highlighted by the AuD program.
3.  In many cases, the audiologist involved in vestibular assessment will be part of a(n):
  1. Law suit
  2. Interprofessional team
  3. Uncompensated clinical activity
  4. Practicing outside their scope
4.  Functional assessment can assist:
  1. Students understand the impact of vestibular disorders.
  2. Programs with limited test equipment resources.
  3. Programs in providing meaningful clinical activities.
  4. All of the above
5.  Clinical application of classroom learning can be a challenge in:
  1. Only in distance learning.
  2. Only for in classroom learning.
  3. Never a challenge.
  4. Clinical application of classroom learning can be a challenge in any program.
6.  Thoughtful planning of the transfer of classroom information to clinical application might include:
  1. Dedicated lab experiences for this purpose.
  2. Close coordination between classroom and lab instructors.
  3. Close coordination between classroom, lab, and clinic instructors.
  4. All of the above
7.  Assertion evidence is when:
  1. You are sure you are correct.
  2. Style of presentation where the sentence headline states the main message.
  3. You are more assertive with patients when explaining evidence-based recommendations.
  4. Instructors make sure students search the literature for evidence
8.  Clicker training for humans:
  1. Is used to improve procedural training.
  2. Has an evidence base supporting it.
  3. Objectifies feedback.
  4. All of the above
9.  What letters are entered into a URL to download Utube videos for educational purposes?
  1. UT
  2. ABC
  3. SS
  4. VIDEO
10.  Understanding vestibular assessment and rehabilitation is important for:
  1. Pediatric practices
  2. Adult practices
  3. Geriatric practices
  4. All of the above

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