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Exam Preview

GSI TympStar Pro v1.2: Implementing New Features for Efficient Testing

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1.  The TympStar Pro configuration application may be used for:
  1. Performing remote tympanometry.
  2. Creating customized auto sequence tests.
  3. Interpreting middle ear test results.
  4. Storing patient data.
2.  The TympStar Pro:
  1. Must be used with the configuration application to run a test.
  2. Must be operated from a PC.
  3. May be customized by using the configuration application.
  4. None of the above.
3.  The Multi Hz test:
  1. Evaluates the status of the Eustachian Tube.
  2. Identifies middle ear effusion.
  3. Identifies Resonance Frequency of the ear.
  4. Evaluates neural integrity of the auditory system.
4.  Resonance frequency of the ear is:
  1. The frequency at which the middle ear system is the most efficient for energy transfer
  2. The frequency at which the springy and mass components have equal contribution
  3. The frequency where the tympanogram morphology is notched like an M
  4. All of the above
5.  Results of the Multi Hz test can be useful clinically for the following:
  1. Identify decreased or increased resonance frequency to confirm middle ear pathology.
  2. Document pre and post surgery results for physicians.
  3. Confirm success of surgery.
  4. All of the above.
6.  The following symptoms may indicate a Patulous ET:
  1. Loud Breathing
  2. Own voice is loud
  3. Sleep apnea
  4. Both A and B
7.  On the TympStar Pro, it is possible to customize test conditions on the Patulous ET test using:
  1. A mouse and a keyboard.
  2. You cannot customize the conditions.
  3. Customize using the configuration application
  4. None of the above
8.  Reporting options for the new tests, Multi Hz and Patulous ET, are as follows:
  1. Print to PDF
  2. Print to attached printer (3", 4", HP)
  3. Transfer to GSI Suite
  4. Both A and B
9.  When using threshold seek or auto sequence with the new firmware, the TympStar pro will _____ if there is a threshold present on the first presentation:
  1. Verify the response and mark it as threshold
  2. Reduce the dB level until there is no longer a response and then verify the last level where a response was present.
  3. These options are no longer available on the TympStar Pro
  4. A & B are correct
10.  To use the new features on the TympStar Pro:
  1. You must update the firmware to version 1.2
  2. The probe must be calibrated for Multi Hz
  3. The config app must be updated to version 1.2
  4. All of the above

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