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Exam Preview

Foundations of Baha Implants: Baha 5 Technology

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1.  The advantage of the BI300 implant is that:
  1. It has been demonstrated to have better long-term stability due to the TiOblast surface and larger geometry than previous generation implants
  2. It has been shown to have a smaller geometry that does not osseointegrate with bone to the same extent as previous implants
  3. It has a smooth, machined surface
  4. All of the above
2.  The difference(s) between the Baha Attract and the Baha Connect is/are:
  1. The Baha Attract is a magnetic connection to the sound processor while the Baha Connect provides a direct connection to the sound processor
  2. The Baha Connect is generally a shorter surgery than the Baha Attract
  3. With the Baha Attract, sound has to be transferred across the skin while with the Baha Connect, the sound is transmitted directly to the implant
  4. All of the above
3.  One advantage of the Baha 5 series of sound processors is that:
  1. They are complex for patients to use
  2. They all provide the same level of gain
  3. Any of them can be used with either Baha Connect or Baha Attract
  4. Each of them works differently and uses a different processing chip
4.  The Baha 5 sound processor is the industrys smallest and is designed to be used with bone conduction thresholds up to:
  1. 35 dB
  2. 45 dB
  3. 55 dB
  4. 65 dB
5.  The Baha 5 Power sound processor includes the following features that the Baha 5 does not:
  1. A volume rocker
  2. An LED visual indicator
  3. A program/streaming button
  4. A & B
6.  The gain available for the Baha 5 Super Power sound processor can be increased by:
  1. Wearing the sound processor in an under-the-ear (UTE) configuration
  2. Wearing the sound processor in a body-worn configuration
  3. Both of the above
  4. None of the above
7.  Made for iPhone technology in the Baha 5 series of sound processors allows for:
  1. Direct streaming from an iOS device to the sound processor without the need for accessories
  2. The use of True Wireless accessories
  3. The use of Smart Apps for Apple and Android devices
  4. Telecoil use by Baha users
8.  The Baha 5 SmartApp allows recipients to:
  1. Adjust their programs and volume
  2. Find a lost sound processor
  3. Utilize both iOS and Android devices
  4. All of the above
9.  The Cochlear Mini Mic 2+ allows recipients to:
  1. Stream and answer phone calls
  2. Stream TV signals using an HDMI cable
  3. Directly stream a speaker's voice to the sound processor
  4. None of the above
10.  When deciding between a Baha Connect and a Baha Attract for a candidate, professionals should consider the following:
  1. The results of the Baha evaluation and/or trial on a Softband or SoundArc
  2. The candidate's preferences
  3. Bone conduction direct thresholds when programming with a Softband or SoundArc
  4. All of the above

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