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Best Practices and Beyond Cochlear Implant Basics, in partnership with American Cochlear Implant Alliance

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1.  The 2017 publication Pediatric Minimum Speech Test Battery by Uhler et al recommends using which tests for evaluation of hearing aid performance:
  1. Developmentally appropriate word and sentence tests
  2. Lipreading
  3. Sign language
  4. Telephone test
2.  Once patients receive a cochlear implant in one ear:
  1. They are no longer a candidate for a cochlear implant on the other ear.
  2. Should continue to utilize a hearing aid on the other ear if there is enough residual hearing in that ear that would warrant its use.
  3. Should not wear a hearing aid on the other ear because it will help them get used to the cochlear implant.
  4. Should wait as long as possible to get a second cochlear implant in the other ear.
3.  Which is not considered a key factor as being influential in an individuals potential performance with a cochlear implant?
  1. Age at onset of hearing loss
  2. Duration of hearing loss
  3. Eating green vegetables
  4. Age at implantation
4.  According to the Minimum Speech Test Battery for Adult Cochlear Implant Users (2011), the recommended test protocol should be tested:
  1. Preoperatively only to determine candidacy for cochlear implantation.
  2. Postoperatively only to determine how subjects are performing with their cochlear implant.
  3. Preoperatively and postoperatively at three, six, and 12 months following device activation, and annually thereafter.
  4. Only if patients request to be tested.
5.  How is quality of life typically measured?
  1. Key informant interview
  2. Patient-reported outcome measures
  3. Clinical marker that requires interpretation
  4. Laboratory value
6.  Which of the following require the reporting of patient-reported outcome measure when reporting outcomes for a new intervention?
  1. CMS
  2. FDA
  3. NIH
  4. FBI
7.  What is the potential impact of the difference in measurement properties between general-health PROMs and hearing/CI-specific PROMs?
  1. Can impact economic evaluation of CIs
  2. Can over-value bilateral cochlear implantation
  3. Can impact the speech recognition outcomes
  4. No impact
8.  Overall, what degree of correlation exists between speech recognition ability and quality of life?
  1. None
  2. Low
  3. Medium
  4. High
9.  Why might cognitive testing be important as part of the pre-operative testing battery for candidacy?
  1. It is not important.
  2. Could assist with managing realistic expectations.
  3. It will predict post-operative outcomes.
  4. Cognitive testing should not be included as part of the pre-operative testing battery.
10.  Which test is not included on the Minimum Speech Test Battery?
  1. HINT
  2. AzBIO
  3. BKB-SIN
  4. CNCs
11.  What are some of the factors considered when determining CI candidacy?
  1. Patient's duration of deafness and cognitive status.
  2. Patient's race.
  3. Patient's gender.
  4. Patient's political view.
12.  When testing best-aided, how should a hearing aid be verified prior to testing?
  1. Hearing aids do not need to be verified prior to testing.
  2. Subjective report only.
  3. Functional gain only.
  4. Verification with real-ear measures.
13.  What scans are appropriate for CI candidacy testing?
  1. MRI and CT
  2. CT and PET
  3. MRI and PET
  4. There is no scan option
14.  What is an Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR) test?
  1. Test to measure the cochlea and hearing nerve's response to sound.
  2. Test to measure speech perception.
  3. Test that can be administered after a child turns 5 years old.
  4. Test to measure movement of the tympanic membrane (ear drum).
15.  An audiology evaluation for pediatric cochlear implant candidacy should include:
  1. Testing of memory
  2. Testing of Intelligence Quotient
  3. Behavioral and physiological testing
  4. Testing of solely the worst ear

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