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Exam Preview

Compression Basics: An Overview

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1.  The difference between very soft and very loud for a persons hearing is their
  1. Threshold
  2. Uncomfortable listening level
  3. Dynamic range
  4. Maximum output
2.  The rapid rate in loudness experienced by those with sensorineaural hearing loss is
  1. Recruitment
  2. Temporary threshold shift
  3. WDRC
  4. UCL
3.  Wide Dynamic Range Compression does what?
  1. attempts to reproduce the full dynamic range of the world in the narrowed dynamic range of the hearing impaired listener
  2. attempts to make loud sounds soft
  3. provides the same amount of volume to all sounds
  4. provides more volume for loud sounds
4.  Wide Dynamic Range Compression...
  1. typically has low compression threshold kneepoints
  2. applies compression to a wide range of inputs
  3. has a range of compression ratios
  4. All of the above
5.  Which of the following is not a type of compression?
  1. Output compression
  2. Air compression
  3. Input compression
  4. Wide dynamic range compression
6.  Linear amplification has what compression ratio?
  1. 1:1
  2. 1:2
  3. 1:3
  4. 1:4
7.  The point at which compression is activated is known as the
  1. Compression ratio
  2. Compression threshold kneepoint
  3. Input level
  4. output level
8.  The amount of change in input needed to achieve 1 full dB increase in output is known as the
  1. Compression ratio
  2. Compression threshold kneepoint
  3. Input level
  4. Output level
9.  One of the purposes of Expansion is
  1. to make all inputs sound the same
  2. to make loud sound soft
  3. to provide maximum gain at all times
  4. to ignore sounds below a certain level (keeping quiet environments quiet)
10.  Compression Limiting
  1. is used to limit or control loud sounds
  2. typically has high kneepoints
  3. typically has high ratios
  4. All of the above

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