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Sound Scene Classification in Hearing Aids

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1.  A modern hearing aid is:
  1. an amplification device
  2. a platform built on the basis of a company's philosophy
  3. a system of interrelated components
  4. all of the above
2.  The Global Listening Environment Study took place
  1. in our lab in Kitchener.
  2. throughout North America.
  3. in 10 countries.
  4. only in South Africa.
3.  Regardless of how the GLES results were parsed, for group data
  1. Males always spent more time in noise than females
  2. A similar pattern of distribution was observed across listening environments
  3. All environments included conversation
  4. All of the above
4.  We have chosen to define the range of listening environments on continuums
  1. No conversation to conversation
  2. No speech in quiet to no speech in noise
  3. Simple to complex
  4. All of the above
5.  In the case of an uncomplicated acoustic environment such as a single talker in quiet, the classifier should recognize it as
  1. a blend of at least two environments
  2. a 50% probability of at least one environment
  3. a 100% probability of a single primary listening environment
  4. Unknown
6.  You can benchmark a hearing aid against
  1. a gold standard
  2. a cell phone
  3. a group of competitors
  4. Both A and C
7.  In an Ecological Momentary Assessment we get a sample of
  1. the history of the participants full experience with the devices in the real world
  2. the participant's behaviors in real time
  3. delayed feedback of what the participant experienced during their field trial
  4. maximized recal bias and minimal ecological validity
8.  During our EMA study we found that our participants classifiers were in primary classes
  1. 92% of the time.
  2. 52% of the time.
  3. 22% of the time.
  4. 2% of the time.
9.  A blended classifier is one that:
  1. always gravitates to a single primary class
  2. never gravitates to a single primary class
  3. always blends multiple primary classes together
  4. may gravitate to a single primary class but often blends more than one primary class
10.  Across all seven listening environments recognized in SoundNav by the Unitron classifier, the most commonly experienced environment logged by almost all participants was?
  1. Quiet
  2. Conversation 1 on 1
  3. Conversation in a group
  4. Conversation in noise

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