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Exam Preview

Setting a New Benchmark with the Slim Modiolar Electrode

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1.  Perimodiolar electrodes are:
  1. Electrode arrays that sit within the middle of the cochlea
  2. Electrode arrays that hug the modiolus
  3. Electrode arrays that go along the outer wall of the cochlea
  4. Electrode arrays that are placed outside of the cochlea
2.  Which of the following is not a benefit of a perimodiolar electrode?
  1. Focused stimulation to reduce channel interaction
  2. Lower T's and C's
  3. Increased impedance levels
  4. More stable impedances
3.  What is the difference between Contour Advance and Slim Modiolar electrode arrays?
  1. There are no differences between the electrode arrays
  2. Contour Advance is a thinner electrode than Slim Modiolar
  3. Slim Modiolar is a stylet based electrode with a thinner design
  4. Slim Modiolar is a thin, atraumatic sheath based device compared to Contour Advance, which was a stylet-based design
4.  4.What is the default pulse width for programming the CI532/CI632 devices?
  1. 12 µsec
  2. 25 µsec
  3. 37 µsec
  4. 50 µsec
5.  Which of the following are associated with impedance fluctuations?
  1. Sound levels
  2. Hormonal changes and Device non-use
  3. Device malfunction
  4. All of the above
6.  Based on the recent clinical study with Slim Modiolar, the patient satisfaction in bimodal state improved from 9% to:
  1. 60%
  2. 95%
  3. 15%
  4. 75%
7.  When referring to the CI532 Multicenter study, which of the statements don’t belong
  1. 30% of patients improved their performance
  2. There was a 4X speech improvement in understanding with CNC work scores in quiet compared to pre-operative scores
  3. There was a significant improvement in quality of life measures including HUI and SSQ
  4. Performance in sentences in noise more than doubled compared to hearing aids.
8.  What is the default pulse width for lateral wall electrodes (CI422/522/622)
  1. 12 µsec
  2. 25 µsec
  3. 37 µsec
  4. 50 µsec
9.  In Custom Sound, the Slim Modiolar array is also called
  1. CI422/522/622
  2. CI512/612
  3. CI532/632
  4. CI24(RE)
10.  In the CI532 Multicenter study, speech understanding of AZBio Sentences in noise:
  1. Did not improve
  2. Improved by 28 points with CI alone and Improved by 24 points in bimodal state
  3. Improved by 14 points with CI alone and Improved by 12 points in bimodal state
  4. Improved by 10 points with CI alone and Improved by 10 points in bimodal state

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