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Exam Preview

Making the Most of Ponto for Kids

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1.  Classroom access options are available with what Ponto Devices?
  1. Ponto Pro
  2. Ponto Plus and Ponto 3
  3. Ponto 4
  4. All of the Above
2.  Which one of the following is NOT a way for the non-surgical patient to connect to a Ponto device?
  1. Softband
  2. Headband
  3. Sound Connector
  4. Sound Exchanger
3.  Open Sound Navigator is significant for the pediatric patient as it allows for…?
  1. Access to the 360 degree soundscape and speakers all around the child
  2. Overhearing and incidental learning
  3. Environmental sounds
  4. All of the Above
4.  Pediatric friendly features in Ponto 4 include
  1. 12 color options and a TAR door
  2. LED light, skins and stickers, safety line
  3. A streamer for wireless connectivity
  4. 10 color options and a streamer for wireless connectivity
5.  What is true regarding Ponto Pro, Ponto Plus, and Ponto 3 connections to FM?
  1. Ponto Pro and Ponto Plus require the addition of a FM program in the software
  2. Ponto Pro and Ponto 3 require the Streamer to access FM
  3. Ponto Plus and Ponto 3 use the streamer to access FM
  4. Ponto Pro cannot connect to FM
6.  Which of following can be set up through Ponto 4, a smartphone, and IFTTT?
  1. A text notifying a parent or teacher that a battery is low
  2. A notification when connection with the Ponto 4 is lost
  3. A spoken notification when someone rings an internet connected doorbell
  4. All of the Above
7.  A study conducted by Andrea Pitman, PhD at ASU demonstrated learning rates increased by ____ when the processor was worn on an abutment (direct drive) versus on a softband (skin drive)?
  1. 1.5
  2. 2.0
  3. 2.5
  4. 3.5
8.  Pediatric patients are generally eligible for surgery once the following conditions are met
  1. Two years of age and a skull thickness of 5.5mm
  2. Good hygiene practices, 5 years of age, and a skull thickness of 2.5mm
  3. Good hygiene practices, 7 years of age, and a skull thickness of 5.5mm
  4. There are no special considerations for pediatric patients
9.  What can be adjusted within the Genie Medical BAHS Software?
  1. Programs for FM
  2. LED options
  3. Customization of the startup jingle
  4. None of the above
10.  Research at Boys Town National Research Hospital showed pediatric hearing aid users using Open Sound Navigator (OSN) showed
  1. Improvements only in the omni directional setting
  2. No perceivable difference between traditional directionality and OSN
  3. Unlike traditional directionality, children do not need to face the speaker to benefit from OSN
  4. None of the above

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