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Exam Preview

Intra- and Post-Operative Electrocochleography in Cochlear Implants

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1.  Electrocochleography is used to measure electrical potentials from the:
  1. Cochlea and auditory nerve
  2. Middle ear
  3. Parietal lobe
  4. Stapedial muscle
2.  Cochlear microphonics is primarily generated by the:
  1. Auditory cortex
  2. Outer hair cells
  3. Inferior Colliculus
  4. Middle ear
3.  During cochlear implant electrode placement the _________ electrode is used as the recording electrode.
  1. Most basal
  2. Most apical
  3. Case
  4. Ring
4.  __________ is used to detect cochlear trauma and monitor cochlear implant electrode placement.
  1. Auditory nerve neurophonics
  2. Compound action potential
  3. Summating potential
  4. Cochlear Microphonics
5.  In patients with pre-operative residual hearing, ____________ stimulus is used to elicit cochlear microphonics during cochlear implant surgery.
  1. Electrical
  2. Infrared
  3. Acoustic
  4. Ultrasonic
6.  __________ thresholds show a good correlation with air-conduction thresholds in cochlear implant patients with postoperative residual hearing.
  1. Cochlear Microphonics
  2. Stapedial reflex
  3. Auditory Nerve Neurophonics
  4. All of the above
7.  Ideally, a cochlear implant electrode should be placed entirely into the:
  1. Scala Vestibuli
  2. Scala tympani
  3. Scala media
  4. All of the above
8.  Cochlear microphonics is calculated by _____________ the electrical responses measured for the alternating polarity stimulus.
  1. Multiplying
  2. Subtracting
  3. Adding
  4. Dividing
9.  Auditory Nerve Neurophonics is primarily generated by the:
  1. Middle ear
  2. Malleus
  3. Auditory Cortex
  4. Auditory Nerve
10.  __________ is calculated by adding the electrical responses measured for the alternating polarity stimuli.
  1. Stapedial reflexes
  2. Cochlear microphonics
  3. Auditory Nerve Neurophonics
  4. None of the above

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