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Exam Preview

Integrated Speech Testing With GSI AudioStar Pro

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1.  These "CDs" are integrated into every AudioStar Pro:
  1. Auditec: Basic Auditory Tests for Adults and Children
  2. AZ Bio Sentences and AZ Bio Pediatric Sentences
  3. DOD/VA Speech CDs
  4. All of the Above
2.  I can add additional wordlists to my AudioStar Pro by:
  1. Opening the CD drive on the audiometer and loading the CD
  2. Filling out a Letter of Ownership and sending in the CD
  3. It is not possible to upload additional CDs
  4. Use a USB A/B cable and the config app to load new CDs
3.  To present dichotic speech tests, you must:
  1. Play the files through media center on your PC.
  2. Select Right/Left Routing on Channel 1 of the audiometer
  3. Select interlock on the audiometer so that both channels present at the same time
  4. None of the above
4.  Which options are available for "auto play" when using integrated wav files?
  1. Wait for Score
  2. Time Expire Correct
  3. Time Expire No Score
  4. All of the above
5.  How do you set up wordlist favorites?
  1. Use the navigation keys on the front panel of the instrument to select them
  2. The AudioStar uses artificial intelligence (AI) to predict your next speech test based on past testing patterns.
  3. Use the configuration application software to organize favorites
  4. None of the above

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